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Contracture Prevention by Leif Birath (PX25)

Reference number: RG-PX25

Contracture Prevention by Leif Birath  (PX25)  

Assisted movements (exercises) to maintain and gain mobility for upper and lower extremities. (67 items)

Software to produce personalised exercise and information handouts for 

 Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation – Sports and fitness


With PhysioTools you can create high quality personalised exercise
and information handouts. Select from the world’s largest
professional exercise library and print in multiple languages.

  •  You can use just one or you can combine several modules to produce your handout. No base modules required.
  •  Text can be printed in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Estonian, Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Afrikaans, Farsi Hebrew, Japanese.  Please Note: Not all languages available with every module.

EUR 158.67

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