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Saunders Posture Support

Saunders Posture Support

Do you have a patient with poor posture?
Upper back pain or discomfort? Saunders has the answer - The Posture S'port.

Unlike other posture correctors, the Posture S'port is unique because it anchors around the waist and not only straightens stooped shoulders, but brings your entire spine into proper alignment. The Posture S'port can be comfortably worn directly on the skin or over a T-shirt. Special hook and loop design makes adjusting for height and shoulder comfort easy.
Measure around the waist for size (support anchors at the waist)

Small (22 -30")
Medium (30 -42")
Large (42 -54")
If you are having issue placing your order, please do not to hesitate to contact us. contact us
SKU 25000
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