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Adjustable Wobble Board 16" Advanced

Adjustable Wobble Board
Wobble and Rocker Boards - for better balance, better sports and faster rehabilitation

Regular use of wobble boards will give you:
• Improved balance and coordination
• Better propioceptive awareness for injury prevention
• Increased leg strength and ankle range of motion (R.O.M.)
Instantly Adjustable Tri-Level Design
Adjusts in seconds with a simple spin of our patented sphere to three different degrees of angulation. As your balance improves you simply spin the sphere to a steeper angle. Also features a non-slip surface, great for bare feet or sports shoes.

40cm Wobble Board - Advanced Tri-Level
• 40cm Birch disc with 3 different angles: 15, 17 & 20 degrees
• For more advanced level users and athletes. For use on one leg or two
• Our most popular size board for daily balance maintenance
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