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BTL 5940 Magnet 4 Channel

Call us on 01 660 2808 for a quote.

4-channel Magnetotherapy

Treat 2 patients at the same time with independent therapies
On-line encyclopaedia with pre-set protocols based on years of medical research
Unique FMF Technology ™ (Focused Magnetic Field) - high-powered magnetic field focused to the therapy area with no side-effect on the personnel
Modern therapy with proven effects on pain and anti-inflammatory control and acceleration of healing
Choose from 6 types of comfortable and lightweight magnet therapy applicators
Recommended applications for different medical fields (rehabilitation, dermatology, gynaecology, ENT, sports medicine, etc.)

Ordering no:
P5940.002v200 with 8.4" colour touch screen
P5940.101v100 with 5.7" colour touch screen

main features

4-channel magnetic therapy unit with touch screen for easy and comfortable operation
4 independent channels
Large touch screen display
Protocols for different medical fields (rehabilitation, orthopaedics, sports medicine, dentistry, gynaecology, dermatology, ENT, paediatrics, general practice)
User-defined protocols
Therapeutic encyclopaedia
Built-in patient database
Unique Modular System ™ - option of later unit upgrades
Identification of accessories and accessories maintenance check
Colour frame option
Focused Magnetic Field (FMF) Technology™
Combination of pulsed & static magnetic field with adjustable ratio
Wide range of light-weight and comfortable applicators equipped by FMF Technology™
Maximum pulse induction: 128mT
PC connection (for SW upgrades)
Multilingual unit
BTL Cart (option)

therapy parameters


Focused magnetic Field (FMF) Technonology™
Pulsed magnetic Field (PMF), rectangular, triangular, sinusoidal, exponential and continual
Combination of pulsed & static magnetic field with adjustable ratio
Modulation of pulses: burst, sinusoideal surge, trapezoidal surge, symmetric surge; programmable sequencies, wave swing
Pulse frequency: 0-160Hz
Max. pulse induction: 125mT
Wave swing: -20%

list of therapies



alloplastics, arthritis rheumatoid, arthrodesis, arthrosis, arthrosis chronic, atherosclerosis, coxalgia, coxarthrosis (hip arthrosis), decubitus, degeneratio spinalis, distension, distorsion, epicondylitis, fracture, gonalgia, gonarthrosis, ischaemia, metatarsalgia, Perthes disease, myalgia, osteoporosis, osteosynthesis, nerve paralysis, periarthritis of the shoulder (frozen shoulder), poliomyelitis anterior, polyarthritis, pseudoarthrosis, posttraumatic recovery, multiple sclerosis - cerebrospinal type, spasmus, ankylosing spondylitis, algodystrophy - Sudeck syndrome, carpal tunnel, cervicobrachial syndrome, cervicocranial syndrome, lumbosacral syndrome, vertebral syndrome, ulcus cruris – foot ulcer


spinal degeneration, distension, eczema atopicum, enuresis, migraine, myopathia, neurodermatitis, paralysis nervi, carpal tunnel, trigeminal nerve - facial nerve


alopecia (defluvium capillorum), decubitus, dermatitis atopic, dermatosis pruritic, psoriasis, ulcus cruris - foot ulcer


alloplastica, arthritis rheumatoid, arthrodesis, arthrosis, arthrosis chronic, coxalgia, coxarthrosis, distorsion, epicondylitis, fracture, gonalgia (pain in the knee), gonarthrosis, metatarsalgia, osteochondrosis, osteomyelitis acute, chronic, osteonecrosis aseptic, osteoplastica, osteoporosis, osteosynthesis, osteitis, periarthritis of the shoulder (frozen shoulder), algodystrophy - Sudeck syndrome, tendinopathy

sports medicine

coxalgia, distension, distorsion, epicondylitis, fracture, gonalgia, metatarsalgia, myalgia, posttraumatic recovery, spasm, carpal tunnel, cervicobrachial syndrome, cervicocranial syndrome, lumbosacral syndrome, vertebral syndrome, tendinopathy


chronical adnexitis, endometriosis, dysmenorhea


gastric and duodenal ulcer (peptic ulcer), pankreatitis, colitis


post extraction pain, parodontosis, periostitis


arthritis rheumatoid, osteitis, posttraumatic recovery - hemorrhage state, posttraumatic recovery, ankylosing spondylitis

allergology & immunology

dermatitis atopic, dermatosis pruritic, eczema atopic, psoriasis, rhinitis - allergic


bronchial asthma, bronchitis chronic, chronical obstructive pulmonal disease


sinusitis, rhinitis - allergic


myalgia, vertebral syndrom, spasm, lymphoedema, alopecia, distorsion, tendinopathy, gonalgia, coxalgia, epicondylitis

technical parameters

Mains supply 230V/50-60Hz, 115V/50-60Hz
Dimensions 230 x 390 x 260mm
Weight (less accessories) 4.7-5.3kg
Class according to MDD 93/42/EEC IIb
Equipment protection class II (according to IEC 536)

standard accessories

Includes: 4x extension cables for magnetotherapy applicators, touch screen pen pointer, power cord.

applicators (Ordered separately)

Applicator - 30cm solenoid
Ord. no: P5900.005v100

for BTL-4000/5000 Magnet
Applicator - 60cm solenoid
Ord. no: P5900.006v100

for BTL-4000/5000 Magnet
Applicator - disc Ord. no: P5900.001v100

for BTL-4000/5000 Magnet
Applicator - double disc
Ord. no: P5900.002v100

for BTL-4000/5000 Magnet
Applicator - multi disc
Ord. no: P5900.003v100

for BTL-4000/5000 Magnet
Couch with magnetotherapy applicator
Ord. no: P5900.017v100

70cm, for BTL-4000/5000 Magnet
Linear Applicator
Ord. no: P5900.004v200

for BTL-5000/4000 Magnet
In stock
If you are having issue placing your order, please do not to hesitate to contact us. contact us
SKU P5940.101V100
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