The PFX2 (for women) helps take the uncertainty out of pelvic floor exercises. After the birth of the first baby, many women suffer some degree of incontinence. And more babies don’t help! Intercourse can be less pleasureable because of the enlarged vagina. Scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of pelvic floor exercises. If you have ever tried to do pelvic floor exercises and wondered whether you are doing them properly (or at all!) wonder no more! The PFX2 gives you visual feedback to show you that you are doing the exercises and achieving something.
How does it work? An indicator gives feedback from a vaginal sensor showing the strength of the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles.
THE PFX2 KIT contains:
• The PFX2 Indicator
• The vaginal sensor
• The 80cm (31inch) connecting tube
• A Handbook with comprehensive instructions.


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Weight 2.0000 kg

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