Theramed Six Pulsed & Continuous Shortwave Therapy System Clinical


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Pulsed and Continuous Shortwave Therapy System
The TheraMed SIX is available as a clinical and portable unit, the clinical model is supplied with a sturdy compact arm, instrument cart and inductive electrode. Whereas the portable model offers the therapist a small lightweight unit. The TheraMed SIX combines both highly effective treatment programmes with user convenience, in a single cost competitive therapy system.

The base unit uses flexible soft-rubber plate electrodes to deliver capacitive shortwave therapy. For greater treatment flexibility, an optional accessory package can be added to deliver shortwave therapy via an inductive coil applicator – (see clinical model).
The instrument cart holds the jointed arm assembly and includes a storage area for all the accessories.

Optional Extras:

Rubber Plate Applicators = 2 – 12 x 18 cm soft-rubber plate applicators with flexible cables
Felt Spacers = 6 felt spacers
Cloth Covers = 2 cloth covers
Elasticated Strips = 2- 75cm x 120cm elasticated strips
Instrument Cart = 1 – Instrument cart (For coil applications, all items must be ordered)
Folding Arm = 1 four-joint folding arm
Coil Applicator and Cable = 1 – 14cm diameter coil applicator 1 special field coil cable

All the above are available seperatley please contact us for details.

• Highly effective pulsed and continuous
shortwave therapy system
• Large LED display
• Can be used with capacitive and inductive
• Extremely low interference
• Fitted with ultra glide castors for maximum
• Sturdy, compact instrument cart


Input: 110 – 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
CE mark CE 0197
Classification Protective Class 1 Equipment
Type BF Equipment

Unit 6.8 kg
Cart 20 kg

Unit 18 cm (H) x 36 cm (W) x 42 cm (D)
Cart 77 cm (H) x 48 cm (W) x 48 cm (D)


Continuous mode 100 W Average Power
Pulsed Mode 200 W Peak Power
PULSE FREQUENCY: 10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 400Hz

PULSE DURATION RANGE: 64µs, 100µs, 200µs, 300µs and 400µs

TREATMENT TIME: 1 – 30 minutes?

Standard accessories:
SWT 100 Trolley Cart
SWT 200 Jointed Arm
SWT 300 Inductive Electrode 140mm

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Weight 2.0000 kg

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