Recovery Pump RP System- Complete


RecoveryPump is a sequential intermittent compression device which speeds up recovery by increasing blood flow, venous return and effectively removes waste faster than traditional methods.

Sequential Compression is proven therapy through scientific study, research and experience, both in the medical field and Sports Physiology. The RP therapy (gradient sequential pneumatic compression) is the only medically proven type of pneumatic compression to both accelerate recovery and increase athletic performance in subsequent exercise bouts.


Includes RP Unit, Boots, Pants, Half-Jacket, Arm, Mini boots & Carry bag
Targets muscular pain and body aches
Helps minimise long-term tissue damage
Faster healing time
Mains operated and universal voltage
Portable, compact unit
Pressure and treatment time settings

The Benefits of RecoveryPump:

Easy to Use – Tired athletes have no excuses!
Small & Durable – Travel with it!
No complex users manual/programming
Adjustable Pressure & Pause settings – Simply set to personal preference/comfort
Convenient zipper closure- fast in/out time
Superior sequential compression- offloads the entire leg with each cycle
Custom RecoveryBoots sizing for accurate fit and optimum results
Unique foot design compresses the bottom of the foot for increased circulation


Every athlete has different training plans and the RecoveryPump system can adapt to that. The ultimate goal is to use the RecoveryPump system daily, when it’s convenient for you.


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