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Are you coping with the “falling out” feeling otherwise known as vulvar varicosities during your pregnancy? The causes of this condition can be one of several reasons, but one reason vulvar varicosities develop is due to pressure on the veins in the pelvic area as a result of increased weight in the uterus. This pressure interferes with the flow of blood returning from the legs, which brings about relaxed veins. These relaxed veins can become distended and the “falling out” feeling manifests itself.

Now that we’ve established how vulvar varicosities develop, what can be done about them? The answer is simple and effective, in the form of the V2 Supporter. The V2 Supporter provides a snug, adjustable fit worn just as you would your panties. Providing compression therapy that is proven to lessen the pain and discomfort of vulvar varicosities, the V2 Supporter adjusts to provide increased or decreased compression, simply done by moving the tabs on the back of the V2 Supporter.

Eliminate the discomfort caused by vulvar varicosities with the simple and effective V2 Supporter. You will be able to enjoy your pregnancy in comfort with the purchase of this product.

Recommended by doctors, nurses, midwives and health professionals for:

Vulvar Varicosities (also used for Post Schlerotherapy Compression)
Swelling or Edema of the Pubic or Perineal Regions
External Prolapse of Bladder or Uterus

Also effective for those suffering from lympedema, perineal edema, incontinence, and external prolapsed bladder or uterus
Recommended by health professionals
Easy care-machine washable
Made of a soft and lightweight blend of polyester, cotton, nylon and spandex
Can be used for cold or hot pack treatment

Size Guide:

Dress size is before pregnancy, Current weight & hip size is during pregnancy.

Petite, Dress size up to UK8, Current weight 90-125lbs, Hip size Under 28″

Small, Dress size UK8-14, Current weight 126-165lbs, Hips 28″-35″

Medium, Dress size UK16-20, Current weight 166-190lbs, Hips 36″-44″

Large, Dress size UK22-30, Current weight 191-225lbs, Hips 45″-54″

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