Metatarsal Pad (PAIR)


The LIFESTYLE Metatarsal Pad offers rapid relief from painful metatarsal head lesions by removing pressure from the area in order to help restore a normal weight bearing pattern. Metatarsal pads are especially effective for metatarsalgia, intractable plantar keratoma, tylomas, bursitis, capsulitis, periositis of the metatarsal and associated joints, and painful plantar lesions.

Instructions: Select appropriate size metatarsal pad based upon foot size. Place pad just proximal to the painful metatarsal head or involved lesion. Metatarsal pads may be applied directly to the shoe or to LIFESTYLE full-Length Insole.

Indications Metatarsalgia – Planta Fat Pad Atrophy – Bursitis – Capsulitis.


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