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  • pals-valutrode-electrodes

PALS® ValuTrode® 5x5cm (TENS only electrodes)

ValuTrode® Cloth neurostimulation electrodes provide a superior quality electrode at an economical price. Every lead wire interface is customized for each electrode to optimize current distribution for all of the various shapes and sizes. These electrodes have a patented multi-layer MultiStick® hydrogel and ValuTrode® electrodes are known for their durability and multiple applications to the skin. 

Can only be used with TENS therapy. 

Electrodes are placed on the skin to transmit electrical pulses to the nerves in the body. They are used for TENS therapy, EMS and ECG.

The 5cm x 5cm  electrodes can only be used with TENS therapy such as the birth assist TENS or the TPN 200+ TENS. 

Electrodes are supplied in a quantity of 4 per pack. 


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