‘HANDSAVER’, deluxe roller-ball massager- Give your hands a break!


Relieve stiff and sore muscles by using this easy to use roller-ball massager. Whether you want a light or a deep tissue massage, the ‘HandSaver’ roller is easy to use and you control the amount of pressure given.


• Relieves stiff & sore muscles:
Great for leg cramps, aching back and hips- especially during pregnancy. Can be used on the whole body; Great for sore shoulders, neck, back, arms, legs, face and foot pain.

• Reduces stress and fatigue on fingers, hands and elbows:
Due to its shape and design, it’s also brilliant for arthritis sufferers who can’t use their hands to massage for long periods.

• Comfortable to grip (ergonomically designed Hand grip) and easy to use:
The shape and design fits perfectly in your hands due to its ergonomic holder around the casing, so you have complete control. No batteries or annoying cords. Relax and recover your aching muscles, wherever and whenever you want!

• Good for self-massage or massaging someone else:
Improve your blood circulation by giving yourself or someone else a stimulating, deep tissue massage.

• Long-lasting, durable design:
Won’t break, safe on the skin so won’t trigger any allergic reactions. Use directly over clothing or on bare skin.

• No Friction:
With the massage roller ball, you can easily massage and soothe your body without friction- It slides and glides smoothly onto aching muscles!

Simply fill with massage lotion or oil, through the opening at the back of the item. (See small hole).
Grip with the hand grip (See rear) and apply pressure with the marble roller-ball to receive the best massage you’ve ever had!

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