General Exercises 2nd Edition (PT1)


Physiotools produces information handouts for physiotherapy clients, ideal for any physiotherapist. 

Features of Physiotools 

  • Create personalised exercise handouts
  • 20,000+ drawings, photos and videos
  • Print and email exercises with videos

This PhysioTools module forms a solid base for healthcare and fitness professionals working in rehabilitation and the sports industry.

Choose from a variety of mobilising, stabilising, strengthening and stretching exercises for all major body parts. It also includes cardiovascular, motor control and balance exercises along with advice notes on sitting, standing positions and walking e.g. how to walk with crutches/sticks. It contains active, assisted and resisted exercises with and without equipment e.g. exercise bands, therapeutic balls, free weights, balance boards.
This module is included when you subscribe to PhysioTools Online.

1244 colour photographs, 1198 videos

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese (traditional & simplified), Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Korean

Physiotools now has a new mobile app that encourages your clients to reach a daily exercise target and reminds them to exercise. Clear instructions, images and videos ensure your clients are doing their exercises correctly.

The app is free for PhysioTools Online users and their clients.

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