Sports & Fitness Collection 2.0 – Annual Subscription


An excellent Collection of exercises especially addressing general conditioning and sports rehabilitation at a cost-effective price. Exercises focus on for example: strength, balance, plyometrics, weightlifting techniques and ROM. Exercise equipment varies from no equipment to a variety of basic strength training equipment and machines to Redcord. The Collection also includes aquatic exercises and advice on sports taping and acute care for sports injuries.

Modules in the Sports & Fitness Collection 2.0:
Conditioning for Fitness and Martial Arts
Falls Prevention with Pulley Equipment
Fitness & Sports Therapy
Functional Training with Fitness Equipment
General Exercises 2nd Edition
Redcord Suspension Exercises
Sports and Exercise Injuries
Sprained Ankle – Acute Care, Taping & Rehabilitation Training
Stretching Exercises
The Knee (Taping)
The Shoulder (Taping)
Weightlifting for All
Yoga for Rehab and Wellbeing

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