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Aids for Daily Living

Mobility Aids

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  • Jar Opener
    With this non-slip jar opener less strength is necessary for opening and closing bottles and jars. This opener provides a firm grip around several sizes of large jars and tops, even for childproof- and safety locks. The jar opener fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and does not slip away. When a jar is placed on a non-slip mat it will be easier to open it, because it won’t move or slip away. The jar opener is available in the color bleu » Productnumber » Colour » Packaging

    Jar Opener

  • Easi Grip Knives
    The angled handle of this knife keeps your hand and wrist in a natural position, making cutting and grating smooth and simple. Despite being stainless steel they are very lightweight which is ideal for someone who has very weak hands. The “soft-feel” black grip on the handle is non-slip making them safer to use with wet or greasy hands.

    Easi Grip Knives

  • Plastic Zipper Pull Tabs, Pack of 6
    The zipper pull tabs are suitable for people who have a decreased hand function. This aid is easy to attach to every zipper, so that everyone can easily dress themselves. The tab provides a better and larger grip, which makes it easier to hold it and open or close the clothing. 6 per pack

    Plastic Zipper Pull Tabs, Pack of 6

  • 1
    Jar opener to help with gripping objects

    Grip It Jar opener

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