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  • Sock Aid Light
    The sock aid is a flexible insert with nylon webbing straps to help users with limited mobility to pull on their socks. The curved shape of the plastic insert holds the sock in placed while the nylon straps make it easy to pull on. Straps are 36” long and insert is 9” in length. Sock aids are excellent for users with limited mobility.

    Sock Aid Light

  • Homecraft Foldable Leg rest
    This wooden frame leg rest adjusts to suit the users comfort and position. The user can use the rest up to stimulate leg circulation, folded to soothe thighs and keep the feet warm, or use angled to rest aching legs. The base has four rubber feet, which help to stabilise the rest whilst in use. Supplied with a fleecy cushion for added comfort and warmth. Foldable for easy storage and travelling. Height 100 to 430mm (4 to 17˝). Cushion size: 460×355mm (18×14˝). Weight 1.9kg.

    Homecraft Foldable Leg rest

  • Cardiff Adjustable Height footstool with castors
    Cardiff Adjustable Height Footstool This padded black vinyl leg rest can be adjusted in height and tilt angle using simple spring button adjustments. The base is made from chrome plated steel tubing. Chrome plated steel frame Adjustable in height 4 brake castors Independent height adjustment Padded top with concave shape Non-marking, slip resistant rubber tips Height: 369 to 494mm (14.5" to 19.5") Cushion size: 510 x 305mm (20 x 12") Castors 50mm (2") Maximum user weight: 100Kg/15.75st

    Cardiff Adjustable Height footstool with castors

  • 1
    Jar opener to help with gripping objects

    Grip It Jar opener

  • Closed-cell foam tubing to make handles
    Built-up handles give greater control to people who lack coordination, strength or gripping ability. Tubing has a slip-resistant “skin” and is dishwasher safe. Supplied in 30 cm pieces that can be cut to length. Each package contains 3 foam tubes. Dimensions: Blue tubing length 30 cm, external diameter 3,1 cm, internal diameter 1,8 cm Rose tubing length 30 cm, external diameter 2,8 cm, internal diameter 0,8 cm Beige tubing length 30 cm, external diameter 2,6 cm, internal diameter 0,6 cm Diameters 6 mm, 9,5 mm, 12 mm

    Closed-cell foam tubing to make handles

  • Easi Grip Knives
    The angled handle of this knife keeps your hand and wrist in a natural position, making cutting and grating smooth and simple. Despite being stainless steel they are very lightweight which is ideal for someone who has very weak hands. The “soft-feel” black grip on the handle is non-slip making them safer to use with wet or greasy hands.

    Easi Grip Knives

  • Plastic food bumper blue
    Food bumper for a plate with Ø200 mm to 270 mm Sits in the plate so that you can eat with one hand.

    Plastic food bumper blue

  • Over Armchair Table
    The over armchair table has a modern ergonomically shaped laminated teak table top, which is easy to clean and which can be easily be tilted to enable users to read etc. In addition, it comes with a stylish side table, to accommodate a mug of coffee/tea, which can be fitted to either the left or right hand side of the table.

    Over Armchair Table

  • Buckingham Caddy
    Enables users of wheeled walking frames to transport small items around the home Supplied with a caddy, tray and anti-spill mug holder Fits easily to most styles of walking frame Made from durable plastic Can be cleaned in a dishwasher

    Buckingham Caddy

  • Female Urinal
    This female urinal has a handle for ease of use. Anatomically designed to enable use when sitting, standing or lying. Capacity 800ml, with graduations for output. Weight 110g.

    Female Urinal

  • Tablet Crusher
    By putting the medication in the tablet crusher and screwing the top, the tablets will be crushed into powder. The spare tablets can be stored in a compartment in the lid. The tablet crusher is easy tot take with you and easy to clean.

    Tablet Crusher

  • Pill Box - 7 Days
    With this pill box medication can easily be stored and divided in the seven days of a week. Besides that, it is possible to divide the medication per day into morning, noon, evening and bedtime. The box is easy to take and refill.

    Pill Box - 7 Days

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