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  • Bed Rope Ladder
    You are lying in your bed and you want to sit up. If you still have the strength a rope ladder for your bed is an ideal aid to help you to sit up. By taking another rung eventually you will sit up in your bed.

    Bed Rope Ladder

  • 1
    Developed to allow an assisted transfer from one seated position to another. The frame, shin pad and turntable combine to give optimum safety to both the carer and the user during the transfer. The frame is height adjustable to suit all and has a foot pedal break to secure the turntable. The central wheels allow the Rota stand to be rolled up to the user even after their feet have been positioned on it. Handle height 790 to 1300mm (31" to 50") Weight 15KG Maximum user weight 160Kg (25 stone)

    Rota Stand

  • Curved Transfer Board
    A curved transfer board made from solid, reinforced plastic. It features tapered ends, a smooth sliding surface and slip resistant pads at each end of the bottom of the board. Available in one size. 700mm x 370mm (260 at centre) Load capacity 152kg

    Curved Transfer Board

  • Swift Wheelchair
    • Available as self-propelled or attendant-propelled with cable brakes. • Designed for indoor or outdoor occasional use. • Lightweight aluminium frame, which easily folds and dismantles without any tools. • Compact design makes it very easy to use indoors. • Padded upholstery as standard. • Robust puncture-proof tyres for simple maintenance. MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT 115kg / 18st • Quick release removable wheels are fitted on the selfpropelled model. By removing the wheels the overall weight is reduced and the chair is easier to lift. It also makes the chair more compact for storage. • Half-folding back to make reaching for objects behind you easier. This also makesthe chair more compact for storage. • One Year Parts Warranty plus Two Year Main Frame Warranty. Colour: Cool Silver

    Swift Wheelchair

  • Q2 Motility Board
    The Q2 Motility Board is a truly universal transfer board. Its unique curved shape and maximum working load of 285kg enable it to be used in virtually all applications. Ideal for use in both assisted and non-assisted transfers, it can also be used for face-to-face transfers within restricted areas. The inset anti-slip pads on the underside prevent pad detachment and afford maximum grip on the two transfer surfaces. It is lightweight and is easily wiped clean, using either household disinfectants or alcohol-based solutions. Length 750mm (29½"). Width 338mm (15¼"). Weight 1.6kg

    Q2 Motility Board

  • Buckingham Caddy
    Enables users of wheeled walking frames to transport small items around the home Supplied with a caddy, tray and anti-spill mug holder Fits easily to most styles of walking frame Made from durable plastic Can be cleaned in a dishwasher

    Buckingham Caddy

  • Easi-Mover Glide Sheets
    The range of Easi-Mover Glide Sheets from Homecraft offers all the flexibility needed for the modern clinician. Designed from lightweight fabric, the glide sheets have ultra low friction surfaces allowing easy movement of the patients. We recommend that Easi-Movers be used in accordance with existing moving and handling policies or with the advice of your moving and handling advisor. In the Easi Mover III glide sheet the fabric is sewn together, ensuring a smooth glide between the two surfaces, thus reducing skin friction for the patient and strain on the carer. The sheets are yellow with colour-coded reinforcement webbing to differentiate size. Washable to 65deg.

    Easi-Mover Glide Sheets

  • Handling Belt
    these handling belts are extremely comfortable and very sturdy. They are lined with an anti-slip mesh material to prevent the belt from sliding up and down and to prevent them from slipping. Ideal to aid with sit to stand transfer, with transferring a client from one place to another and can be used in conjunction with glide sheets to help move a client into a sitting position. They feature four vertical handholds and three lateral handholds, allowing one or two carers, using approved manual handling techniques to assist the client. The handling belts are designed to provide secure handholds and control during patient transfer and not to bear the full client weight.

    Handling Belt

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