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Educational Models & Charts

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  • trigger-point-pain-patterns-chart-travell-simons

    This trigger point patterns chart  by Travell and Simons has been created as an easy reference for therapists to identify patient trigger points.Therapists can also use the chart to show patients' what referred pain is and why it hurts somewhere else when you're pressing an active trigger point. There are more than 80 high quality illustrations reproduced from Dr. Janet Travell's Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction Vols. I & II making these charts perfect for visual orientation during the examination and education of patients undergoing treatment.

    Trigger Point Pain Patterns Charts byTravell and Simons

  • foot-skeleton-anatomical-bone-model

    This foot skeleton model is ideal for detailed anatomical study. The foot skeleton is wire mounted for realistic anatomical detail. The high quality model is slightly flexible through toes.

    Foot Skeleton, Left or Right, Anatomical Bone Model

  • foot-ankle-bone-skeleton-model

    This foot and ankle skeleton model is wire mounted for a flexible effect. The skeleton includes lower most portions of the tibia and fibula. The anatomy model is slightly flexible through toes and the ankle is naturally flexible. This is a high quality and realistic anatomical model of the human foot.

    Foot and Ankle Skeleton, Left or Right, Bone Anatomical Model

  • leg-skeleton-hip-bone-anatomical-model

    This realistic anatomical model of the human leg skeleton is wire mounted. The leg skeleton model is slightly flexible through toes and ankle joint. For increased realism the knee joint is also flexible.

    Leg skeleton with hip bone, left or right, Anatomical Bone Model

  • hand-skeleton-bone-anatomical-model

    This high quality hand skeleton model is wire mounted, naturally flexible through wrist. This hand skeleton model is slightly flexible through fingers to simulate the natural movement of the human hand.

    Hand Skeleton with portions of ulna and radius, right or left, Anatomical Bone Model

  • ligament-hand-anatomical-model

    Demonstrate all the hand functionality and the external anatomical structures with this economical hand model with flexible, artificial ligaments. Made of PVC plastic, natural size.

    Ligamented Hand Anatomical Model

  • arm-skeleton-anatomical-bone-model

    This arm skeleton model is wire mounted and naturally flexible through wrist, slightly flexible through fingers and flexible through elbow joint.

    Arm Skeleton, Left or Right, Anatomical Bone Model

  • arm-skeleton-bone-anatomical-model

    The arm skeleton with scapula and clavicle model is wire mounted and slightly flexible through fingers. The elbow and shoulder joints are fully flexible. 

    Arm Skeleton with scapula and clavicle, right or left, anatomical bone model

  • bone-structure-model

    This extremely detailed bone structure model depicts a three-dimensional section of a lamellar bone, showing a typical structure of a tubular bone enlarged 80 times. The bone structure model shows various planes in cross and longitudinal section through all levels of the bone, as well as a 2-plane section through the inner structure of the bone marrow. The typical elements of a lamellar bone are easily identified in this bone structure model and help to understand its structure and function with the characteristic osteons, also referred to as Haversian systems.

    This bone structure model allows a graphic illustration of the interplay of the individual components, such as spongy and compact substance, endosteum, cortical substance, osteocytes, Volkmann and Haversian canals. The bone structure model is supplied on base for clear demonstration.

    There is no better way to teach and learn about the structure of the human bone then with this great microanatomy bone model!

    Bone Structure Model

  • internal-hand-structure-model

    This life size hand model shows the superficial and internal structures of the human hand, including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and arteries (superficial and deep palmar arches). The palmar aponeurosis and plate of the superficial tendons are removable from this high quality hand model. This hand is great for study of the anatomy of the human hand.

    Internal Hand Structure Anatomical Model, 3-part

  • disarticulated-human-skeleton

    This disarticulated human skeleton model includes one hand and foot on wire, and one hand and foot loosely articulated. Every other bone of the human skeleton is life-sized and separated. The skull’s calvarium is sectioned for a closeup view, and the jaw is hinged. The sternum’s intracostal cartilage is attached. The spinal column is strung together on thin, nylon string. Consists of 53 total pieces. This disarticulated skeleton is great for any in depth study of the anatomy of the human skeleton. Supplied in a sturdy partitioned cardboard storage box.

    Disarticulated Full Human Skeleton Model with 3 part skull

  • skeleton-model-stan-castors

    This skeleton model - named Stan - is the standard model of a human skeleton and is supplied on a 5 castor stand for easy manoeuvrability. Thanks to its very high quality and robust construction, this skeleton model is perfect for use in hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories. 

    Benefits of Skeleton Stan
    • Exceptional value for money 
    • 3 year guarantee 
    • Top quality natural casting "Made in Germany"
    • Final assembly carried out by hand 
    • Made from a durable, unbreakable synthetic material 
    • On a stable metal stand with 5 castors (painted white)
    • Close to the realistic weight of around 200 bones 
    • Natural skeleton size 
    • 3 part assembled skull 
    • Individually inserted teeth 
    • Limbs can be removed quickly and easily 

    Skeleton Model on 5 castors (Stan)

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