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  • leg-skeleton-hip-bone-anatomical-model

    This realistic anatomical model of the human leg skeleton is wire mounted. The leg skeleton model is slightly flexible through toes and ankle joint. For increased realism the knee joint is also flexible.

    Leg skeleton with hip bone, left or right, Anatomical Bone Model

  • bone-structure-model

    This extremely detailed bone structure model depicts a three-dimensional section of a lamellar bone, showing a typical structure of a tubular bone enlarged 80 times. The bone structure model shows various planes in cross and longitudinal section through all levels of the bone, as well as a 2-plane section through the inner structure of the bone marrow. The typical elements of a lamellar bone are easily identified in this bone structure model and help to understand its structure and function with the characteristic osteons, also referred to as Haversian systems.

    This bone structure model allows a graphic illustration of the interplay of the individual components, such as spongy and compact substance, endosteum, cortical substance, osteocytes, Volkmann and Haversian canals. The bone structure model is supplied on base for clear demonstration.

    There is no better way to teach and learn about the structure of the human bone then with this great microanatomy bone model!

    Bone Structure Model

  • functional-hip-joint-anatomical-model

    This functional hip joint model provides a graphic demonstration of the anatomy and mechanics of the human hip joint, allowing better doctor-patient or teacher-student understanding of the anatomy of the hip joint. Use this life-size and fully flexible hip joint to demonstrate abduction, anteversion, retroversion, internal/external rotation and much more.

    The functional joint consists of portion of femur, hip bone and joint ligaments.

    Functional hip joint is supplied on a stand for easy display in the classroom or doctors office.

    Detailed study of the anatomy of the human hip bone is easy with this realistic high quality model.

    Functional Hip Joint Anatomical Model

  • mini-hip-joint-anatomical-bone-model

    The mini hip joint model has been reduced to a half of natural size but has kept all of the functionality of larger hip joint models. In addition to the external anatomical structures, the hip joint cross-section mounted on the base, the medical or teaching professional now has the possibility to explain what is happening from "within" the hip joint. This mini hip joint is a great way to study the anatomy of the human body.

    Mini Hip Joint with cross-section Anatomical Bone Model

  • femoral-fracture-hip-osteoarthritis-anatomy-model

    This elderly hip joint model was developed to provide patients understandable information, e.g. before surgery. It shows the right hip joint of an elderly person in half natural size. In addition to the external anatomy of the hip joint, a frontal section through the femoral neck is shown in relief on the base. The hip joint model shows the femoral fractures that occur most commonly in practice as well as typical wear and tear symptoms of the hip joint (coxarthrosis or hip osteoarthritis).

    The following fractures are shown on the hip joint: 

    • Medial femoral neck fracture
    • Lateral femoral neck fracture
    • Fracture through the trochanteric region (pertrochanteric femoral fracture)
    • Fracture below the trochanters (subtrochanteric femoral fracture)
    • Femoral shaft fracture
    • Femoral head fracture
    • Fracture of the greater trochanter
    • Fracture or avulsion of the lesser trochanter (avulsion fracture of the lesser trochanter) 
    • Femoral fracture and hip osteoarthritis mounted on base.

    Femoral Fracture and Hip Osteoarthritis Anatomical Bone Model

  • Functional Hip Joint

    Demonstrates anteversion, retroversion, abduction and internal / external rotation. Including flexible, artificial ligaments. Life-size, on stand. Size: 21x19x28CM.

    Functional Hip Joint

  • baby-hippy-training-model

    Reproduction of the lower torso and limbs of a female newborn designed to train professionals in diagnosing both congenital hip dislocation and hip dislocatability.

    The baby hippy training model is supplied with the following: 

    • Lower torso and limbs of newborn female
    • Dislocated left hip for practice of the Ortolani Jerk-Sign
    • Lax right hip for performing the Barlow Maneuver

    Baby Hippy Training Model

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