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  • franklin-soft-balls-orange

    The Franklin soft balls are designed to provide deep muscle penetration without aggravating soft tissue.

    Franklin Balls can be used to relax tight muscles, stimulate blood circulation and increase muscle sensation. They also encourage flexibility and promote a general feeling of wellbeing.

    Franklin balls can release a number of muscles at once, based on the fact that our muscles have sheets of connective tissue (fascia) that run around and through our muscles.  

    Product Features

    • Original Soft Franklin Ball 
    • Smooth, soft textured, orange plastic ball
    • Phthalate free
    • Approximately 10cm diameter
    • Pre-inflated with valve for pressure adjustment
    • 2 balls per set

    Franklin Ball Soft orange pair

  • Sissel Ball Stabiliser
    Stabilizer – for a safe workout! Holds the ball in place. Provides a feeling of security especially for pregnant women. Lets you do all pre-birth exercising (LamaS classes etc.) safely.

    Sissel Ball Stabiliser

  • Ball Stackers
    Our 3-piece-set of Stackers provides a space-saving storage of 3 balls at a time (for ball diameters of 65 cm and up).

    Ball Stackers

  • Faster Blaster Air Pump
    Faster Blaster Air Pump We’ve tried them all; this is the best pump for your ball! Eleven inches in length

    Faster Blaster Air Pump

  • Physio Rolls - Various Sizes (Peanut ball)
    Physio Rolls - Various Sizes

    Physio Rolls - Various Sizes (Peanut ball)

  • Togu Powerball ABS Gym Balls - Various Sizes
    The allrounder: sitball and training tool in one: absolutely burst proof through ABS What is a Powerball® ABS®?  It is an inflatable and burst proof gymnastic ball with a patented ABS Anti Burst System. The material called Crylon is odorless and very resilient (max load up to 500 kg/ ABS guarantee up to 90 kg). It is free of latex and contains no forbidden phthalates.  What is it good for? For safety while sitting or performing exercises due to its ABS System which makes it guaranteed burst proof up to 90 kg of dynamic load (See Explanation below). Sitting on the Powerball ABS can help to avoid back pain. Abdominal and back muscles can be strengthened through safe, efficient, and dynamic back and stability exercises.  How does it work? While sitting on the ball an upright posture is almost automatically assumed by the upper body. At the same time the pelvic floor-, abdominal and back muscles are inevitably being used for balancing. This permanent activity strengthens the muscles. Explanation ABS and Burst Proof The ABS System is a special molecular composition of the ball that prevents it from bursting even when punctured. The molecular structure does not allow a hole to grow rapidly faster and rip the ball apart. In case it becomes punctured the ball looses air slowly and leaves enough time for its user to get off safely. There is a difference between the total load a ball can withstand, and the maximum load that is allowed for the ball to stay burst proof even when harmed by an object. The Powerball ABS can withstand a weight of 500 kg if undamaged and is guaranteed burst proof up to 90 kg of weight when punctured. This weight is considered to be dynamic. That means a person moving on the ball can weigh up to 90 kg and the ball will not burst if punctured. Pump sold separately - see code 9904. Colour may vary.

    Togu Powerball ABS Gym Balls - Various Sizes

  • Gymnic FitBall Exercise Balls - Various Sizes
    FitBall Exercise Ball The FitBall® is an exercise ball that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Exercise balls are a great way to improve endurance, posture, balance and mobility. FitBall’s are often referred to as pregnancy balls as they can be used to perform specific exercises to prepare the body for birth. Benefits Improves endurance, strength and mobility. Helps with posture, balance, body awareness and coordination. Ideal for home use. Can be used for group or individual exercise. Promotes functional movement for everyday life. Features Safe and strong - Supports 600lbs. Manufactured to CE standards. Burst Resistant Quality (BRQ) – soft, non-slip material which deflates slowly when punctured to prevent injury. Sized according to height. The following sizes are available in the FitBall: 55cm diameter: 155cm to 166cm tall 65cm diameter: 166 to 178cm tall 75cm diameter: 178 – 2m tall Pump sold separately see code 9904

    Gymnic FitBall Exercise Balls - Various Sizes

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