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Measurement Tools

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  • baseline-tuning-forks-set-6

    The Baseline Tuning Fork Sensory Evaluation Set is a medical diagnostic equipment package for the measurement of hearing and vibratory sensation. It includes tuning forks with some of the most common used frequencies.

    This Baseline Tuning Fork Sensory Evaluation Set can assist with the testing of peripheral nerve injury loss or retention.

    Baseline Tuning Fork Set is Supplied with the Following:

    • Carry Case
    • 6 tuning forks that are 128 cps, 256 cps, 512 cps, 1024 cps, 2048 cps, and 4095 cps

    Baseline Tuning Forks Set of 6

  • percussion-hammer-reflex

    The Bucks Percussion Hammer has a strong stainless steel handle with two different sized twin topped rubber percussor tips. 

    A percussion hammer is used by medical professionals to test deep tendon reflexes in order to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system.

    Bucks Percussor (percussion / reflex hammer)

  • reflex-percussion-hammer-pinwheel

    Multi-Purpose Reflex Hammer specifically designed for precise application and accurate diagnostic procedures.


    • Single side buck hammer
    • Pinwheel
    • Calliper with range sensitivity point & needle
    • Length 20cm

    Multi-Purpose Reflex Hammer

  • littmann-lightweight-stethoscope

    This general-purpose, entry-level stethoscope offers the superb sound quality and reliability that is associated with Littmann stethoscopes and is an excellent, affordable choice for blood-pressure and patient assessment.

    Designed to be extremely comfortable to use, the Lightweight 11 SE features an ovoid chest piece with offset bell for better orientation around blood-pressure cuffs and body contours.

    3M™ Littmann® Snap Tight Soft-Sealing Eartips offer an excellent acoustic seal, and a tunable diaphragm allows for easy low- and high-frequency monitoring.

    3M Littmann Lightweight 11 S.E. Stethoscope Black

  • Digital Stopwatch Timer

    Digital stopwatch with 7-digit LCD display in robust plastic casing with start/stop and split/reset buttons for starting and stopping, cumulative, lap-time and dual-time measurement. Includes pendant cord.


    • Measuring range: 9 h, 59 min, 59 s, 99/100 s
    • Accuracy: 1/100 s
    • Battery: Button cell 1.55 V, type 389
    • Dimensions: 65x65x18 mm³

    This digital stop watch is perfect for timing patients or clients during assessment. 

    Digital Stopwatch Timer

  • large-clockwork-timer

    This large clockwork timer counts down from 60mins and has a long audible tone at the end of treatment.

    Dimensions 10cm x 10cm

    Large Clockwork Timer

  • digital-pocket-timer

    Countdown digital timer in 1 second units with audible alarm, complete within back clip.

    Dimensions 6cm x 6cm

    Digital Pocket Timer

  • physio-needs-tape-measure

    Multi-purpose tape measure with automatic locking and push button release mechanism.

    Physio Needs Tape Measure

  • baseline-7-piece-hand-evaluation-kit

    The Baseline® 7-piece standard hand evaluation set includes the following instruments stored in a protective carrying case:

    • Standard 200 pound capacity hydraulic hand dynamometer (blue)
    • 30 pound capacity mechanical pinch gauge (blue)
    • 6 inch stainless steel finger goniometer
    • 2-point discriminator with 3rd point
    • Wartenburg pinwheel, finger circumference gauge and functional finger motion gauge
    • Dynamometer and pinch gauge have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
    • CE Certified
    A comprehensive hand evaluation kit perfect for any OT or physiotherapist. 

    Baseline® 7 piece Hand Evaluation Set

  • baseline-hydraulic-hand-dynamometer

    Baseline® hydraulic hand dynamometer gives accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to "feel" the handle move. The internationally accepted design ensures reliability, user convenience and measurement repeatability.

    Product features

    • Maximum reading remains until the unit is reset
    • Five position handle and body design yield results that are consistent with published Baseline® and Jamar® studies
    • Strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms
    • CE Certified
    • Supplied in a protective carrying case
    This is a measurement tool commonly used by physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

    Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (Grip Gauge)

  • 3-ball-incentive-spirometer

    The 3 Ball Incentive Spirometer is designed to encourage the user to take deep breath. The spirometer provides patient feedback by showing how well the patient is expanding their lungs. This deep breathing encourages the clearance of phlegm from the lungs. 

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Wide inspiratory flow rate range from 800 – 1200cc/sec to suit the widest range of patients
    • Lightweight for ease of handling 
    • Sturdy wide base for stability during storage or use 
    • Minimum flow imprinted on each chamber 
    • Compact design & break-resistant plastic 
    • Removable inspiratory limb for cleaning convenience 
    • Minimally resistant flow tubing for ease of use 
    • Anatomically designed mouthpiece for ease of use and patient comfort 
    • Convenient mouthpiece clip for ease of storage 
    • Colourful presentation for ease of visualisation 
    • Graduated 3 ball design to encourage patient compliance and participation 

    Please note that the colours of the balls may vary.

    The Beacon Hospital has a handy dowloadable PDF guide for using your 3 Ball incentive spirometer.

    3 Ball Incentive Spirometer

  • omron-m3-blood-pressure-monitor

    The OMRON M3 delivers the accuracy and reliability that you expect from OMRON blood pressure monitors, with additional advanced features to give you confidence in the quality and consistency of the results.

    OMRON M3 is supplied with an Easy Cuff (22-42 cm), meaning it fits most adult arm sizes right out of the box.

    The OMRON M3 is also designed to give you a reading that is easy to interpret. The Easy High Blood Pressure LED indicator signals if your blood pressure is higher than the normal range.

    LED cuff wrap indicator confirms that cuff is wrapped correctly on your arm: not too loose or too tight.

    OMRON M3 Product Features:
    • Intellisense Technology ensures accuracy of reading every time
    • Fully automatic with automatic inflation and air release for precise readings
    • Cuff wrapping guide- accurate wrapping of cuff shows 'ok' symbol on screen
    • Hypertension level indicator
    • Dual Check System- second check of measurement
    • Irregular Heartbeat and Body Movement detection- shows if reading needs to be repeated
    • Irregular Pulse Detection- only displays reliable results
    • Advanced Averageing Mode
    • Memory for 60 results with date and time indication for each user A + B

    OMRON M3 Product Benefits:
    • Long Lasting- one set of batteries provides 1500 measurements
    • Compact, portable, time-saving and easy to use
    • Largest Digital Display for easy reading of results (largest display in market)
    • CE MDD Certified and Clinically validated by BHS
    • M3 validation passed by European Society of Hypertension (ESH) or the British Hypertension Society
    Omron M3 Intellisense Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Includes:
    • Medium cuff (22-32cm arm width) *Please contact our Sales team on 01-6602808 if you require a larger cuff.
    • Soft Case
    • 3 year guarantee

    The OMRON M3 Blood Pressure Monitor is supplied with:


    • Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Easy Cuff  L (22-42 cm)
    • Battery Set (4xAA - LR06)
    • Instruction Manual
    • Storage Case 
    • Blood Pressure Pass




    Omron M3 Intellisense Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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