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Orthopaedic Products

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  • Wall Mounted Shower Seat
    This wall mounted shower seat folds against the wall when not in use. Constructed from easy-to-clean, blow-moulded plastic the seat has built in handles to give extra security to the user. Seat width 490mm (19¼"). Seat depth 280mm (11"). Distance from wall 380mm (15"). Distance from wall when folded 120mm (4¾"). Weight 4.5kg.

    Wall Mounted Shower Seat

  • Actimove Gauntlet - Wrist or Thumb Brace

    Actimove Gauntlet is a functional thumb and wrist support for the treatment of light to moderate injuries or chronic instability problems at the thumb. Tendonitis of the thumb (eg. de Quervain's syndrome) Rheumatoid arthritis MCP and CMC dislocations of the thumb Sprain of the thumb (skier's thumb or goalkeepers thumb) Treatment of suspected scaphoid fractures

    Sizing: Small, less than 16cm, (Length: 18cm)

    Medium, 16-19cm, (Length: 18cm)

    Large, 19-21.5, (Length: 20cm)

    X Large, more than 21.5, (Length: 20cm )

    Measure around the wrist

    **Non Refundable**

    Actimove Gauntlet - Wrist or Thumb Brace

  • Actimove EpiSport
    Epicondylitis Clasp This specially designed clasp provides targeted compression to the long tendons of the forearm extensor and flexor muscles.  The tendons are held more parallel to allow healing to begin and reduce inflammation and pain. Dual action compression works simultaneously to treat Lateral and/or Medial Epicondylitis (forehand and backhand tennis elbow) without restricting circulation. This low profile product is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear without any pinch points. The shock absorbing liner also helps wick moisture away from skin.  Colour: Varies Measure at the widest part of the arm below the elbow (where you intend to wear the support) or about 1.5 inches below the elbow. Sizes Available: X-Small, Fits Elbows: 20.3-22.8cm (8-9") Small Fits Elbows: 22.8-25.4cm (9-10") Medium, Fits Elbows: 25.4-27.9cm (10-11") Large, Fits Elbows: 27.9-30.5cm (11-12") X-Large, Fits Elbows: 30.5-34.3cm (12-13.5")

    Actimove EpiSport

  • Actimove Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)
    Actimove® FootLift  is a specially designed ankle foot orthosis made of polypropylene and fabricated in a predorsiflexed position. It enables physiological walking and reduces the risk of stumbling. Actimove® Footlift is indicated for peroneal paralysis as well as drop foot secondary to neurological pathologies caused by stroke, cerebral palsy or trauma. Anatomically shaped foot plate Adjustable calf band fits a broad range of patients Heat mouldable for individual fit Non-slip, soft calf padding provides good cushioning Easy to apply and remove Slim design for a good fit, even in small shoes *NON REFUNDABLE*

    Actimove Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

  • Actimove Genuflex (Wrap around & Hinged)

    Actimove® GenuFlex is constructed from advanced breathable, neoprene-free fabric which provides effective compression and pain relief. The slim-line, wrap-around design makes it easy to apply and wear under normal clothes whilst preventing brace migration. Knee movements are guided anatomically by polycentric hinges, providing reassuringly safe knee support.

    - Advanced material provides good compression without containing neoprene

    - Polycentric hinges guide knee movements anatomically allowing full flexion and preventing hyperextension

    - Advanced counter-strap system reduces brace migration and rotation Comfort

    -  Breathable, moisture transmitting AirFlowTM material

    - Snug, non-slip fit for enduring comfort and strong support 

    - Special closure system allows quick and easy application

    - Open popliteal area prevents wrinkling and skin maceration

    - Moulded hinges prevent pressure points 

    - Can be worn under everyday clothes due to its slim design

    -  Wrap-around design for easy, convenient application

    -  Patella opening helps correct positioning

    -  Attractive modern design enhances patient compliance


    Ordering information (measure 4" above centre of kneecap)

    Product Code      Product Size        Product Dimensions

    73492-32               X Small                  Thigh circumference: 30 -34cm (12 - 13.5inch) 

    73492-33               Small                      Thigh circumference: 35 - 39cm (14 - 15.5inch) 

    73492-34               Medium                 Thigh circumference: 40 - 44cm (16 - 17.5inch) 

    73492-35               Large                      Thigh circumference: 45 - 49cm (18 - 19.5inch) 

    73492-36               X Large                  Thigh circumference: 50 - 54cm (20 - 21.5inch) 

    73492-37               XX Large               Thigh circumference: 50 - 54cm (22 - 23inch) 

    73492-38               XXX Large            Thigh circumference: 60 - 64cm (24 - 25.5inch) 

    Actimove Genuflex (Wrap around & Hinged)

  • Canvas post-op shoe
    Canvas post-op shoe Inner sole accommodates natural arch of foot, padded tongue reduces pressure on dressing and sore areas. Sold individually. Size Sole Length (cm) UK Shoe Size Extra Small 23cm Up to Size 2 Small 24.5cm Up to Size 3½ Medium 26cm Up to Size 5½ Large 27.5cm Up to Size 7½ Extra Large 29.5cm Up to Size 10

    Canvas post-op shoe

  • Aircast A60 Ankle Brace
    Prophylactic support, protection and comfort with simplified application. The design incorporates a stabilizer molded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against ankle sprains and prevent rollover. Manufactured with breathable material, for cool comfort. Lightweight anatomic design easily fits in athletic footwear. Easily adjustable application. Single strap replaces time-consuming lacing. Sizing: Small             Less than Size UK5 Medium         Size UK6-8 Large            Greater than Size UK8 Sizes are for shoe size guidelines *Non Refundable*

    Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

  • McDavid Ankle Guard W/Optional Plastic Inserts
    Reference number: 40-411308 Soft, flexible vinyl ankle brace provides medial/lateral support to weak or injured ankles. Lace-up front allows for an intimate fit. Light enough to wear during athletic activity. Medial/lateral support can be increased with plastic inserts. Can be worn on either right or left foot. Inserts are included. Sizes according to shoe size: XSmall Men 6-7 / Women 5.5-6.5 Small Men 7-8 / Women 6.5-7.5 Medium Men 8-10 / Women 7.5-9.5 Large Men 10-12.5 / Women 9.5-12 XLarge Men 13+ / Women 12+

    McDavid Ankle Guard W/Optional Plastic Inserts

  • Pucci EZE Hand Orthosis

    The Pucci EZE hand orthosis is a static hand orthosis with an exchangable handroll. Provides a good support to the wrist and fingers. Can be adjusted to the individual progress of the patient.

    Product Features

    • Supplied with two sizes of the hand rolls
    • Additional covers can be ordered separately
    • Universally sized for adults - please specify left or right
    • The cover can be machine washed after the frame has been removed

    Pucci EZE Hand Orthosis

  • Saunders Posture Support
    Saunders Posture Support Do you have a patient with poor posture? Upper back pain or discomfort? Saunders has the answer - The Posture S'port. Unlike other posture correctors, the Posture S'port is unique because it anchors around the waist and not only straightens stooped shoulders, but brings your entire spine into proper alignment. The Posture S'port can be comfortably worn directly on the skin or over a T-shirt. Special hook and loop design makes adjusting for height and shoulder comfort easy. Measure around the waist for size (support anchors at the waist) Small (22 -30") Medium (30 -42") Large (42 -54")

    Saunders Posture Support

  • DeRoyal Pro Sport Ankle Support with Stabilizing Strap
    Reference number: 8072- Based on the same anatomical design as the 8071, this ankle support features an additional ``figure of eight`` strapping system to enhance stability of the injured ankle.  Please specify size when ordering,  Measure just above the ankle bone. X-Small 18-20cm Small 20-22cm Medium 22-24cm Large 24-26cm X-Large 26-28cm Right/Left Universal

    DeRoyal Pro Sport Ankle Support with Stabilizing Strap

  • DeRoyal Pro Sport Ankle Support
    This is a low profile ankle support, designed to give light support and focused compression to the injured ankle. The Velcro fastening makes it easy to apply and adjust. Please specify size when ordering. Measure ankle just above the ankle bone. X-Small 18-20cm Small 20-22cm Medium 22-24cm Large 24-26cm X-Large 26-28cm Right/Left Universal

    DeRoyal Pro Sport Ankle Support

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