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Orthopaedic Products

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  1. DeRoyal Pro Sport Knee Brace

    This unique knee brace is designed to help provide pain relief from knee problems and give all round stability. The brace is manufactured using Neo-Tex, which helps to maintain warmth around the injured site, and helps absorb repetitive shock forces around the knee. Please specify size when ordering. Measure around the kneecap. Sizes Circumference measurement, knee in cm X-Small 29-32 Small 32-35 Medium 35-38 Large 38-42 X-Large 42-46 XX-Large 46-50
  2. DeRoyal Pro Sport Genum Patella TShort

    "This low profile, functional knee brace is designed to unload the patella in the most effective way. The anterior strapping system is designed to permit the user to apply customized pressure over the patella without cutting off circulation in the calf area. The open design and the Velcro closure make it simple to apply. Indications: patella tendon problems, jumper’s knee, Osgood-Schlatters disease, anterior knee pain. Please specify size when ordering. Measure around centre of the kneecap. X-Small 29-32cm, Small 32-35cm, Medium 35-38cm, Large 38-42cm, XLarge 42-46cm, XXLarge 46-50cm "
  3. DeRoyal Pro Sport Condro Strap

    "A flexible and low profile support that unloads the patella or patella tendon. Made in a smooth skin NeoTex for optimal fit and function. The pad is placed over the patella tendon, just under the tip of the patella. The support is secured with hook and loop closure. Suitable for Jumpers Knee, Osgood Schlatters. Sizes Circumference measurement, knee in cm Small 32-35 Medium 35-38 Large 38-42 X-Large 42-46 Right/Left Universal "
  4. DeRoyal Pro Sport Genum Stab Short EU

    "Patella Wrap-around brace A small low profile wrap-around knee support designed to stabilize the patella. The half moon shaped patella pad can be placed on either the medial or lateral side of the patella. The semi elastic straps in the front allow gradual increases in the pad pressure thus stabilizing the patella. The brace is equipped with a removable spiral stay over the pad, when in situ it reinforces the stability of the pad when flexing the knee Indications: Patella femoral pain, patella luxation/subluxation. Please measure the circumference of your knee to determine size. Size: Circumference Knee (cm) X-Small 29-32 cm Small 32-35 cm Medium 35-38 cm Large 38-42 cm X-Large 42-46 cm XX-Large 46-50 cm Color Black
  5. Actimove Genuflex (Wrap around & Hinged)

    Actimove® GenuFlex is constructed from advanced breathable, neoprene-free fabric which provides effective compression and pain relief. The slim-line, wrap-around design makes it easy to apply and wear under normal clothes whilst preventing brace migration. Knee movements are guided anatomically by polycentric hinges, providing reassuringly safe knee support.

    - Advanced material provides good compression without containing neoprene

    - Polycentric hinges guide knee movements anatomically allowing full flexion and preventing hyperextension

    - Advanced counter-strap system reduces brace migration and rotation Comfort

    -  Breathable, moisture transmitting AirFlowTM material

    - Snug, non-slip fit for enduring comfort and strong support 

    - Special closure system allows quick and easy application

    - Open popliteal area prevents wrinkling and skin maceration

    - Moulded hinges prevent pressure points 

    - Can be worn under everyday clothes due to its slim design

    -  Wrap-around design for easy, convenient application

    -  Patella opening helps correct positioning

    -  Attractive modern design enhances patient compliance


    Ordering information (measure 4" above centre of kneecap)

    Product Code      Product Size        Product Dimensions

    73492-32               X Small                  Thigh circumference: 30 -34cm (12 - 13.5inch) 

    73492-33               Small                      Thigh circumference: 35 - 39cm (14 - 15.5inch) 

    73492-34               Medium                 Thigh circumference: 40 - 44cm (16 - 17.5inch) 

    73492-35               Large                      Thigh circumference: 45 - 49cm (18 - 19.5inch) 

    73492-36               X Large                  Thigh circumference: 50 - 54cm (20 - 21.5inch) 

    73492-37               XX Large               Thigh circumference: 50 - 54cm (22 - 23inch) 

    73492-38               XXX Large            Thigh circumference: 60 - 64cm (24 - 25.5inch) 

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