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  • Sitback Plus
    Core Products Sitback Plus A wider support for larger framed people. Size: 16" x 13.5" (41cm x 34cm) Designed for those who need wider back support. Fits snugly to the contours of your spine. Use at work, home or in the car. Use with any chair or automobile seat for proper lumbar support. Colour may differ from picture shown (also comes in grey and blue) Code 402

    Sitback Plus

  • Atlas Back Support Brace
    Atlas Double Pull Lumbar Brace Ref ATL20 Wearing a lumbar brace has many health benefits! Improves posture Stabilises unwanted movement in the lumbar spine Prevents back twisting and forward bending Reduces ligament strain Helps to manage and prevent back strain Offers extra support while lifting heavy weights May help treat symptoms of scoliosis, sciatica,  lordosis, herniated disc and back pain Sizing (measure around the waist) Medium: 26-32" Large: 30"-36" XL: 36"-46" XXL: 46"-52"

    Atlas Back Support Brace

  • Saunders Posture Support
    Saunders Posture Support Do you have a patient with poor posture? Upper back pain or discomfort? Saunders has the answer - The Posture S'port. Unlike other posture correctors, the Posture S'port is unique because it anchors around the waist and not only straightens stooped shoulders, but brings your entire spine into proper alignment. The Posture S'port can be comfortably worn directly on the skin or over a T-shirt. Special hook and loop design makes adjusting for height and shoulder comfort easy. Measure around the waist for size (support anchors at the waist) Small (22 -30") Medium (30 -42") Large (42 -54")

    Saunders Posture Support

  • DeRoyal Pro Sport Back Support Stable

    DeRoyal® Pro Sport Back Support Stable This back support is designed to give superior support. Five posterior flexible plastic splints enhance the stability and fit. The support features extra stabilizing straps to permit custom compression by the user. The support has Velcro closures for easy application and adjustment.

    8041 Small 70-80cm Medium 80-90cm Large 90-100cm XLarge 100-110cm XXLarge 110-120cm



    DeRoyal Pro Sport Back Support Stable

  • McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll
    Ref: 091231802, SUP 215, SUP 040, SUP040, SUP 220 0862478865 The McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll was designed by world-renowned physiotherapist & author, Robin McKenzie to help prevent neck and back pain caused by poor posture. Made to the highest quality and specifications, the Original McKenzie Lumbar rolls are the genuine article. Ideal for use in the home or office. The Original McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll is made of high density foam perfect for people who require optimum support. The firm density of this lumbar cushion is suitable for use on soft furnishings such as sofas and lounge chairs.  Features Firm density lumbar roll Suitable for use with soft furnishings D-shape Strap allows lumbar roll to be attached to most chairs

    McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll

  • Spine Reliever Bed Wedge
    This bed wedge with head rest and contours to the body to relieve back pain. The curved shape of the wedge provides lumbar support while the adjustable neck roll provides support to the neck. Features Two reclining positions 30° and 60°. 1" Memory foam on top of polyurethene foam. Product weight 3.06kg. Size: 20"W x 18"L x 23"H

    Spine Reliever Bed Wedge

  • Portable Back Up Seat - Back Friend
    Correct posture, prevents and relieves backache. The portable back up seat was designed by doctors to improve posture and position. Fits any chair or seat is easily portable, stylish and very comfortable. So comfortable you'll never look back. This orthopaedic seat will ensure optimum comfort and support by guaranteeing correct posture. The Physio Needs Portable Backup Seat simply combines back and seat support and ensures you sit correctly and comfortably anywhere you go, therefore preventing future back problems. So light and compact you can take it anywhere. Use the Physio Needs Portable Backup Seat in the car, the office or in the home. All the support you need to put back pain behind you.

    Portable Back Up Seat - Back Friend

  • Sissel Back
    Special treatment for "car damaged" backs! Made in Sweden from high density PU foam this ergonomically designed back support is ideal for use in the car.  The special shape of the Back give lateral support to prevent sideways movement whilst supporting the lumbar spine. easy and fast mounting on every car seat thanks to 2 sturdy belts Sissel Back gently guides the spine into a relaxed, supported and healthy position upright and improved sitting whilst driving available in blue or grey size: 33 cm x 33 cm x 2 cm to 5 cm depth extra covers are available Note: Do not use fixing strap if seats are fitted with integrated side impact air bags.

    Sissel Back

  • SISSEL DorsaBack

    Back support for comfortable sitting everywhere.  • Height adjustable lumbar support. • Prevention and rehabilitation of back problems. • Ideal on all chairs, even the very soft or deep ones, especially effective on couches. • Variable sitting angle (from upright to lying).  • Supports the entire back. • Corrects a poor posture. • Encourages a healthy, upright sitting position. • Easy to transport, weighs only 2.3kg. • Available in black, blue and grey.

    Watch Video

    SISSEL DorsaBack

  • Sissel Dorsaback Car
    DorsaBack Car by Sissel Add the comfort of the Sissel DorsaBack to your car journey! Shaped ply-board supports the entire of the back. The vinyl foam bonded to a poly-suede fabric gives comfort and durability. shaped ply back supports the entire back, ensuring optimal support, relieving backache high quality vinyl foam for added comfort bonded to a durable, luxurious poly-suedefabric ergonomic design encourages a natural relaxed sitting position on all car seats reduces strain on the spine, and discourages slouching includes adjustable strap for easy attachment to user's chair or car seat colours: black blue grey size: 52 x 36cm (h x w) Note: Do not use fixing strap if seats are fitted with integrated side impact air bags.

    Sissel Dorsaback Car

  • Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Brace
    Supports the lower back and provides warmth and total flexibility through a neoprene panel. Available in 4 sizes - Measure around the waist to determine correct size. Small (22.4-27.5" / 57-70cm) Medium (28.3-33.9" / 72-86cm) Large (35-40" / 89-102cm) X Large (40.9-46.4" / 104-118cm)

    Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Brace

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