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  • Neo G Wrist Wrap

    Neo G Wrist Wrap

    **Non Refundable**

    Neo G Wrist Wrap

  • NeoG Thumb Spica & Wrist Wrap

    Thumb Brace NEO G 880 Featuring the Exclusive Neo G Vcs ( Variable compression system) Registered with the MHRA, which allows the wearer to tighten OR loosen the compression of the support for MAXIMUM Fit, comfort and blood flow safety while you are actually wearing it for:.Training , Competing, Recovering, At work or home, At Hospital The Neo G Vcs thumb brace features aluminium splint for partial immobilization of thumb. Allows free mobility of fingers and also helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and supports weak or injures wrists. Always consult a physician Wrap around affected area and only tighten until comfortable; Do not restrict blood-flow Never wear overnight or while asleep This product is CE approved & MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) UK registered INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Slip thumb through small opening Bend & shape metal insert along thumb Tighten smaller velcro strap till firm but comfortable & fasten velcro Wrap wider neoprene strap around wrist till firm but comfortable Metal insert can be removed if require One size fits all

    **Non Refundable**

    NeoG Thumb Spica & Wrist Wrap

  • DeRoyal Pro Sport Wrist Strap Universal

    DeRoyal Pro Sport Wrist Strap Universal This wrist strap is designed to stabilize the wrist without affecting the handgrip. The strap is manufactured using Neo-Tex. An extra stabilizing strap is supplied to enhance the support.

    **Non Refundable**

    DeRoyal Pro Sport Wrist Strap Universal

  • Neoprene Wrist Brace

    Physio-Med Neoprene Wrist Brace Manufactured from neoprene. Laminated on both sides with a durable nylon incorporating shaped aluminium palmar bar. For sizing, measure around the wrist.

    Small 17cm (6.7")

    Medium 19cm (7.5")

    Large 21cm (8.3")

    X-Large 23cm (9")

    **Non Refundable**

    Neoprene Wrist Brace

  • Actimove Gauntlet - Wrist or Thumb Brace

    Actimove Gauntlet is a functional thumb and wrist support for the treatment of light to moderate injuries or chronic instability problems at the thumb. Tendonitis of the thumb (eg. de Quervain's syndrome) Rheumatoid arthritis MCP and CMC dislocations of the thumb Sprain of the thumb (skier's thumb or goalkeepers thumb) Treatment of suspected scaphoid fractures

    Sizing: Small, less than 16cm, (Length: 18cm)

    Medium, 16-19cm, (Length: 18cm)

    Large, 19-21.5, (Length: 20cm)

    X Large, more than 21.5, (Length: 20cm )

    Measure around the wrist

    **Non Refundable**

    Actimove Gauntlet - Wrist or Thumb Brace

  • Actimove Wrist Brace
    Cock Up Wrist Brace ideal for treatment of inflammatory conditions of the wrist, soft tissue injuries and overuse injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome and Rheumatoid arthritis Pre-shaped and removable aluminium stay can also be moulded for an individual fit --- Removal of the metal splint allows the brace to be washed. ( Hand or Machine Washable ). The brace is designed to allow the fingers to move freely while the soft hand strap ensures secure fit. Lightweight elastic material fits easily around the hand and wrist. Elastic Material ( Easy Application ) --- Can also be used for Post-operative support --- Stabilises the Wrist - Anatomical Brace Design - Low Profile. Sizing: Measure the circumference of the wrist Small: <16cm Medium: 16-19cm Large: 19-21.5cm) Extra Large: >21.5cm **Non Refundable**

    Actimove Wrist Brace

  • Push Sports Wrist Brace

    The Push Sports Wrist Brace stabilises the wrist joint and is very well suited in the event of persistent pain and slight instability of the wrist. The wrist brace applies movement restriction, but does not immobilise the joint, allowing you to continue to practice sports. The elastic strap offers a comfortable, individually adjustable compression.

    **Non Refundable**

    Push Sports Wrist Brace

  • Push Sports Thumb Brace
    The Push Sports Thumb Brace stabilises and protects the middle thumb joint (MCP-1) and offers relief in case of persisting pain in the thumb as a result of overstretching or sprain of the thumb (skiing thumb). The other thumb and wrist joints keep their freedom of movement.

    Push Sports Thumb Brace

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