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Orthotics & Footcare

Orthotics & Footcare Products

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  • trio-orthotics

    Triplanar Rearfoot Inverting Orthotic.

    The Trio orthotics range is an intrinsically medially posted orthotic with customised posting options for triplanar control of pronation and forefoot loading.

    Each pair of orthotics is supplied with

    • 3 Medial Biplanar Rearfoot Posts
    • 3 Medial & Lateral Forefoot Posts

    Conditions treatable with Trio Orthotics 

    • 1st MTP joint pain
    • Metatarsalgia (including Morton's Neuroma)
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Plantar heel pain
    • Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis
    • Posterior heel pain including Achilles Tendonitis
    • Medial Tibial Stress syndrome
    • Calf strain
    • Antero-medial knee pain
    • Runners knee
    • Hip instability

    Trio orthtoics are available in 3/4 length or full length and are also available in 3 densities. 

    • Medium density: medium control with good shock absorption capabilities.
    • Firm density: higher control, heavier patients or high levels of impact.
    • Extra firm: optimal control, exceptionally hard wearing.

    Please select your preferred size from the drop-down menu below. 

    Trio Orthotics, Medium, Firm or Extra Firm density, 3/4 or full length

  • theraband-foot-roller

    The Thera-Band® Foot Roller is an affordable, simple, effective tool that provides temporary relief from foot pain associated with common conditions such as plantar fasciitis. 

    The ridges deliver a therapeutic foot massage, and its 4cm diameter shape is ideal for stretching the plantar fascia and toes to help users increase flexibility.

    The Theraband® Foot Roller can be chilled or frozen to help reduce inflammation and pain. Store it in the freezer so it's ready when you are! A hollow 1cm centre core helps you match it to any-sized foot.

    Great for tired, achy feet!

    Theraband® Foot Roller Ideal for plantar fasciitis exercises

  • plantar-fxt-night-sock

    The plantar FXT has a semi rigid strap that pulls the toes and foot upwards into a slight dorsi-flexion position. The combination of the thermal properties to reduce inflammation and the stretching of the plantar fascia while sleeping may aid in the recovery of plantar fasciitis. 

    Sizes according to shoe size:

    • Small: Men 5-6 Women 5-6.5
    • Medium: Men 7-9 Women 7-8
    • Large: Men 10-11 Women 8.5-10

    Plantar FXT (Night Sock)

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