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  • Anatomy Trains - Myofascial Meridians (EV9)
    Beneficial for a wide variety of professionals. It presents a 'whole systems' view of myofascial /locomotor anatomy, especially the body-wide connections among the muscles within the fascial net. Understanding the role of fascia in healthy movement and postural distortion is of vital importance to all practitioners. It contains information on functional movement, meridians, myofascial lines, posture, lower and upper extremity, trunk, myofascial works, inspection, lines of thai massage, neck and shoulder amongst other topics. It is based on the book Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists by Thomas W. Myers (Churchill Livingstone Elsevier). 464 colour photographs, 1 PDF posters Languages: English

    Anatomy Trains - Myofascial Meridians (EV9)

  • PhysioTools Online Basic
    Use PhysioTools Online Basic from any device with Internet access to create a personalised exercise program with videos that can be emailed, printed or sent to PT Momentum - the exercise motivator App. With over 2,300 general exercises, it forms a solid base for healthcare and fitness professionals. 1 licence*. 12 month subscription. Modules in PhysioTools Online Basic: General Exercises 2nd Edition Thera-Band Foam Roller Thera-Band Exercises 1 PT Extra - Walking with Crutches PT Extra - Positioning PT Extra - Musculoskeletal Health Kettle Bell Gymstick Exercises Evidence Based Protocols & Templates Equine Stretches Bowflex Pro-Strength Conditioning

    PhysioTools Online Basic

  • Movement Retraining and Rehabilitation Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription
    A cost-effective way for you to use a wide range of therapeutic exercises for movement retraining and rehabilitation. Includes, for example, treatment techniques and home exercises designed to enhance neurodynamics, exercises to correct faulty and uncontrolled movement patterns and imbalances. Modules in the Movement Retraining and Rehabilitation Collection: Cervical Spine Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control Corrective Exercises for Movement System Impairment General Exercises 2nd Edition Lumbar Spine Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control Lumbo-Pelvic Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control Movement Impairment Correction Exercises Neurodynamics – Cervical Exercises Upper Quadrant Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control

    Movement Retraining and Rehabilitation Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription

  • Sports & Fitness Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription
    An excellent Collection of exercises especially addressing general conditioning and sports rehabilitation at a cost-effective price. Exercises focus on for example: strength, balance, plyometrics, weightlifting techniques and ROM. Exercise equipment varies from no equipment to a variety of basic strength training equipment and machines to Redcord. The Collection also includes aquatic exercises and advice on sports taping and acute care for sports injuries. Modules in the Sports & Fitness Collection 2.0: Conditioning for Fitness and Martial Arts Falls Prevention with Pulley Equipment Fitness & Sports Therapy Functional Training with Fitness Equipment General Exercises 2nd Edition Hydrotherapy Pilates Redcord Suspension Exercises Sports and Exercise Injuries Sprained Ankle – Acute Care, Taping & Rehabilitation Training Stretching Exercises The Knee (Taping) The Shoulder (Taping) Weightlifting for All Yoga for Rehab and Wellbeing

    Sports & Fitness Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription

  • Senior Health Collection
    A cost-effective way for you to use content especially suitable for seniors and people with neurological disorders. The Collection includes basic general conditioning exercises suitable for older populations as well as exercises designed especially for falls prevention, pelvic floor dysfunctions and rollator users. Modules also include exercises and advice for neurological populations. Modules in the Senior Health Collection: 55+ Gym Training 55+ Motor Control and Balance Balance & Falls Prevention Cardiovascular and Flexibility Exercises Fitness Training for Falls Prevention Fracture Prevention General Exercises 2nd Edition General Neurology Hand and Upper Extremity Home Care for the Stroke Patient Lower Extremity Basic Exercises Managing at Home Neurological Rehabilitation Pelvic Floor Personal Care - Occupational Therapy Rollator Walker – Functional and Balance Exercises

    Senior Health Collection - Annual Subscription

  • Physiotherapy Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription
    Our most popular Collection contains therapeutic exercises especially created for diverse patient populations. Basic exercises, aquatic exercises, assisted ROM exercises, specific exercises for the ankle and foot and respiratory system as well as informative modules on low back and neck/shoulder pain, ergonomics and anatomy. Modules in the Physiotherapy Collection 2.0: Aquatic Therapy Contracture Prevention Foot and Ankle Strengthening General Exercises 2nd Edition JEMS® Dynamic Movement Progressions for Trunk and Lower Body Lower Back Pain Neck and Shoulder Pain Posture, Body Mechanics & Ergonomics for the Spine Primal Pictures Anatomy 1 for PhysioTools Respiratory Care Saunders Basic Collection Therapeutic Ball Exercises

    Physiotherapy Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription

  • Paediatric Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription
    Contains exercises specifically for children and adolescent rehabilitation at a cost-effective price. The modules include general paediatric exercises from babies to teenagers, but also exercises and advice focusing on neuro-development and motor learning, respiratory rehabilitation and handling techniques. Modules in the Paediatric Collection 2.0: Children with Motor Delay General Exercises 2nd Edition Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home Mothers and Babies Motor Activities for Children Paediatric Exercises and Burn Care Advice Paediatrics Musculo-skeletal Paediatrics Neuro-developmental & Motor Learning Paediatrics Respiratory

    Paediatric Collection 2.0 - Annual Subscription

  • General Exercises 2nd Edition (PT1)

    Physiotools produces information handouts for physiotherapy clients, ideal for any physiotherapist. 

    Features of Physiotools 

    • Create personalised exercise handouts
    • 20,000+ drawings, photos and videos
    • Print and email exercises with videos

    This PhysioTools module forms a solid base for healthcare and fitness professionals working in rehabilitation and the sports industry.

    Choose from a variety of mobilising, stabilising, strengthening and stretching exercises for all major body parts. It also includes cardiovascular, motor control and balance exercises along with advice notes on sitting, standing positions and walking e.g. how to walk with crutches/sticks. It contains active, assisted and resisted exercises with and without equipment e.g. exercise bands, therapeutic balls, free weights, balance boards.
    This module is included when you subscribe to PhysioTools Online.

    1244 colour photographs, 1198 videos

    Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese (traditional & simplified), Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Korean

    Physiotools now has a new mobile app that encourages your clients to reach a daily exercise target and reminds them to exercise. Clear instructions, images and videos ensure your clients are doing their exercises correctly.

    The app is free for PhysioTools Online users and their clients.

    General Exercises 2nd Edition (PT1)

  • Functional Training with Fitness Equipment (PX47)
    Used by physiotherapists, fitness instructors and personal trainers to provide functional mobility, strength training, deep muscle and stretching exercises. It also includes progressive exercises for typical neck and lower back conditions and strengthening exercises for shoulder girdle and lower extremities with and without fitness equipment. 148 colour photographs, 8 protocols Languages: English, Finnish

    Functional Training with Fitness Equipment (PX47)

  • Fracture Prevention (PX59)
    Used by professionals to put together different levels of training programs for developing balance, muscle strength and bone density to prevent fractures. It includes exercises to develop standing or moving balance, improve lower limb muscle strength and develop movement certitude. Exercises for both beginners and advanced are included. The exercises are simple to perform and do not required any complicated equipment. It has been developed for helping in the prevention of fractures and its effectiveness is scientifically proven, specifically in the prevention of hip fractures in people over the age of 65. 116 colour photographs, 92 videos, 9 protocols Languages: English, Finnish

    Fracture Prevention (PX59)

  • Foot and Ankle Strengthening (PX51)
    An ideal resource for lower limb therapists, it contains foot and ankle exercises including 5 levels of exercise progressions, from non-weight bearing to advanced. It is organised into core foot movements and then specific strengthening exercises for the muscles that produce this movement. Also contains exercise sequences, educational information as well as clinician/patient advice notes on many common foot and ankle disorders. 1426 colour photographs, 19 PDF posters Languages: English

    Foot and Ankle Strengthening (PX51)

  • Fitness Training for Falls Prevention (PX54)
    For physiotherapists, professionals working with geriatrics, personal trainers, fitness instructors, sport therapists and researchers to provide strength training, speed strength training and stretching exercises for seniors using fitness equipment. It also includes basic information on fitness training, fitness machines and how to measure strength. The exercises are suitable for people who need to improve their muscular strength to help prevent falls and fractures. To prevent falls, strength and speed strength skills are needed, for example being able to take a quick step or to quickly grab for support. The exercises have been specifically designed for seniors and can be used for rehabilitation and general fitness. 78 colour photographs, 23 videos Languages: English, Swedish, German

    Fitness Training for Falls Prevention (PX54)

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