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Post-Operative Aids

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  • Sock Aid
    The sock aid is a flexible insert with nylon webbing straps to help users with limited mobility to pull on their socks. The curved shape of the plastic insert holds the sock in placed while the nylon straps make it easy to pull on. Straps are 36” long and insert is 9” in length. Sock aids are excellent for users with limited mobility.

    Sock Aid

  • Chrome Steel Grab Rail, various lengths
    Stylish hard wearing chrome plated grab rail ideal for any bathroom. Available in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of purposes and rooms. Every rail features 2.5 cm / 1” diameter steel tubing. Chrome plated steel for durability and strength Pre-drilled fixing holes in flanges Diameter....2.5cm(1") Available in a variety of lengths.

    Chrome Steel Grab Rail, various lengths

  • Spine Reliever Bed Wedge
    This bed wedge with head rest and contours to the body to relieve back pain. The curved shape of the wedge provides lumbar support while the adjustable neck roll provides support to the neck. Features Two reclining positions 30° and 60°. 1" Memory foam on top of polyurethene foam. Product weight 3.06kg. Size: 20"W x 18"L x 23"H

    Spine Reliever Bed Wedge

  • Deluxe Shower Stool With Back

  • Raised Toilet Seat with LID

  • Post Operative Wedge
    The post operative wedge cushion is ideal for a patient who has had hip surgery. The angle of the wedge encourages the knees to fall lower than the hips when seated to ensure optimum support and comfort. Post Operative Wedge 14" x 14" x 4.5"(deep at the back)

    Post Operative Wedge

  • Sit Special 2 in 1, coccyx sitting wedge by Sissel

    SISSEL® Sit Special 2 in 1, Sitting wedge, memory foam and polyurethane foam combination to produce an anatomically designed multi functional coccyx sitting wedge......... relieves pressure on spinal column and inter vertebral discs especially suited for use after injuries and operations unique bridge (saddle) and two anatomical depressions improve the sitting position and guarantee the correct position for the coccyx can be used with or without the memory foam visco elastic pad for pressure relief on the sacrum and coccyx polyurethane foam for perfect pressure distribution, memory foam visco elastic coccyx pad non slip base complete with machine washable velour cover available in blue or grey size: 43cm x 40cm x 1/9cm (height: front/back). made in Sweden

    Watch Video

    **Non Refundable**

    Sit Special 2 in 1, coccyx sitting wedge by Sissel

  • SISSEL Medi Support
    Product Description SISSEL® Medi Support The SISSEL® Medi Support helps prevent the knees from knocking against each other in the lateral poisition. The SISSEL® Medi supports can also be used to help alleviate symptoms associated with hip complaints. Commonly referred to as a knee positioning aid or a hip positioning aid. Features • use when suffering from hip and knee complaints • positioning aid after hip operations • simply adjust with 2 convenient Velcro fasteners to the legs • reduces pressure on the knee joints • prevents unpleasant sweating • for optimal position when lying, the pelvis is less bent • size: 17 x 20 cm, 10 cm at the smallest point • cover made of cotton (85%) and polyester

    SISSEL Medi Support

  • SISSEL® Leg wedge
    SISSEL® Leg Wedge The Sissel leg wedge is the ideal treatment for tired legs. Its anatomical shape helps to fully support the legs and is used to ease varicose veins and swollen ankles. Ideal for use during pregnancy or if your legs are just in need of a little TLC. Features Anatomically shaped to fully support the legs. Full leg length. Used to ease varicose veins, swollen ankles. Height adjustable by removable pad. Complete with washable cover. Zipped for ease of laundering and height adjustment. Additional covers available. Size: 77 cm x 52 cm x 19/15 cm (with pad/without pad).

    SISSEL® Leg wedge

  • Budget Pedal Exerciser
    Get both your legs and arms moving from the comfort of your own chair. Improve your circulation and range of movement.

    Budget Pedal Exerciser

  • Female Urinal
    This female urinal has a handle for ease of use. Anatomically designed to enable use when sitting, standing or lying. Capacity 800ml, with graduations for output. Weight 110g.

    Female Urinal

  • Wall Mounted Shower Seat
    This wall mounted shower seat folds against the wall when not in use. Constructed from easy-to-clean, blow-moulded plastic the seat has built in handles to give extra security to the user. Seat width 490mm (19¼"). Seat depth 280mm (11"). Distance from wall 380mm (15"). Distance from wall when folded 120mm (4¾"). Weight 4.5kg.

    Wall Mounted Shower Seat

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