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  • tensoplast-eab-sports-tape

    Tensoplast is a high quality extensible EAB made of high-twist cotton yarns. The superior stretch and regain properties of this tape provide excellent conformability to joints. 

    Product Features

    • Porous, zinc-oxide adhesive
    • Allows skin to breath - reduces maceration
    • Bandage remains securely in place with continuous reliable adhesion
    • Soft, non-fraying edges
    • Helps to prevent the bandage from constricting or leaving marks on the skin
    • Rounded edged core
    • Comfortable application, user friendly
    • Range of sizes
    • Easy application to conform around a variety of body contours
    • Accurate application to maintain stability of an injured joint or ligament

    Tensoplast EAB

  • lightplast-pro-eab
    Lightplast® pro is a tearable, lightweight elastic adhesive bandage with superior strength. As a tearable tape it is ideal for quick use at the pitchside for support and compression on injured joints.

    Product Features
    • Tearable by hand
    • Easy to unwind
    • Uniform unwinding tension
    • Good initial and long term adhesion
    • Water repellent backing material
    • Longitudinally elastic
    • Non-bulky material
    • Conforms well

    Available in 5cm and 7.5cm. 

    Lightplast Pro Tearable EAB

  • supa-underwrap

    Protective foam dressing applied to the skin prior to application of adhesive strapping.

    Supa-Under Wrap

  • supa-stretch-eab-elastic-adhesive-bandage

    The Supa-Stretch (EAB) Elastic-Adhesive Bandage is a premium tape with a quality frayed edge for extra comfort and conformability.

    4.5m in length and available in two sizes. 

    • 5cm 
    • 7.5cm 
    Please select your preferred option from the drop-down menu below. 

    Supa-Stretch Steroplast (EAB)

  • physio-needs-eab-tape
    Economical high quality elastic adhesive bandage (EAB) available in 2 sizes; 2" and 3". EAB is commonly used for joint and soft tissue immobilisation and strapping. More of this brand of tape is on order and will be back in stock as soon as possible. We will update this page, when we know the expected landing date, so in the mean time please order TAP 420 Steroplast 5cm EAB, which is excellent quality too.

    Physio Needs EAB (elastic adhesive bandage) 7.5cm

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