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  • ice-up-portable-massager

    The ice-up portable ice massager offers deep tissue relief for ligament, tendon and muscular injuries. Simple and effective - just fill it, freeze it and carry it for Ice on the spot!

    Comfort Grip barrel for controlled ice massage. Ice Grippers allow full range of massage pressure.

    • Leak Proof
    • Reusable
    • Durable
    • Multiple applications per freeze

     Includes: One Ice-Up Stick and Insulated Carry Cooler

    Ice-Up portable ice massager

  • articare-cold-spray

    Articare® cold spray is an aerosol spray, providing instant cooling and rapid pain relief of soft tissue injuries. Suitable for quick, on-the-spot treatment for the immediate symptoms of sprains and strains.


    • Sprains
    • Strains
    • Bruises 
    • Sports traumolog

    Product features and design benefits

    • Provides instant cooling and pain relief for soft tissue
    • No pharmacological effect - The pain relieving effect of Articare® cold spray is achieved through the cooling caused by the evaporation of the spray from the surface of the skin
    • Ether free - helps avoid the risk of skin irritating following subsequent compression bandage
    • CFC free - Environmentally friendly

     Avalaible individually or with a bulk price discount when purchasing 12+ bottles. 

    Articare cold spray

  • sterowipe-dispenser-wipes

    Sterowipes are alcohol free cleansing wipes ideal for cleaning wounds and for preparing the skin for acupuncture. 


    • Cleans skin to ensure greater adhesion of dressings
    • Supplied in a dispenser carton
    • Individual sachets joined in pairs
    • 100 wipes supplied per box 

    Sterowipe Dispenser (Pack of 100)

  • bsn-instant-ice-pack

    The BSN instant ice pack is a disposable cooling pack ideal for pitchside injury. A staple item for any first-aid or physiotherapy kit. 

    Product Features

    • Self-activating when required
    • Effective for approximately 30 minutes
    • Reduces pain and oedema formation
    • Suitable for soft tissue injuries
    Available individually or in a box of 24. 

    BSN Instant Ice Pack

  • mueller-quick-drying-adherent-spray

    The Mueller Quick Drying Adherent Spray is a pre-tape adherent to help keep tape and underwrap in place especially where sweat and moisture would be present. 

    Product Features

    • Pre taping sticky spray
    • Increased adherance
    • Ideal for moist/sweaty skin
    • Keeps underwrap in place 

    Mueller Quick Drying Adherent Spray 283g (10oz)

  • mueller-magic-grip-enhancer

    Mueller Magic Grip is used to repel sweat and moisture to improve grip. 

    Product Features

    • Most effective, clean and convenient grip enhancer available
    • Not sticky or tacky, washes off with soap and water
    • Non toxic and bio-degradable
    • Popular with athletes

    Mueller Magic Grip 85g (3oz)

  • bandage-scissor-small-5.5cm

    The Lister Bandage Scissors is a high quality stainless-steel bandage scissors. Ideal for removing QuickCast® casts and splints.

    Product Features

    • Corrosion and rust resistant 
    • Blade measures 5.5cm 
    • Latex free

    Lister Bandage Scissors Small 5.5cm

  • mueller-pre-tape-spray

    The Mueller® Tuffner Pre-Tape Spray is an adherent to secure tapes and strapping with no clogging. A favourite with Physiotherapists and sports therapists. 

    • Sold individually
    • Available at a bulk price discount in a quantity of 12
    • Please select your preferred option from the drop down menu

    Mueller Tuffner Pre-Tape Spray 283g (10oz)

  • mueller-tape-tuffner-remover

    The Mueller® Tape & Tuffner Remover Spray is used to remove residue and adhesive particles from the skin left behind after taping and strapping. 

    • Sold individually
    • Available at a bulk price discount in a quantity of 12 
    • Please select your preferre option from the drop-down menu 

    Mueller Tape & Tuffner Remover 283g (10oz)

  • spenco-second-skin-gel-squares

    Spenco 2nd skin squares are a revolutionary hydrogel dressing to help protect against blisters, pressure & friction.

    Ideal for 

    • Dancers
    • Athletes 
    • Hikers

    Product Features

    • Helps bring cooling relief to stings, bites & blisters
    • Made mostly from water, the dressings won’t stick to the skin
    • 1" square, Pack of 200

    Spenco 2nd Skin 1" Square Pack of 200

  • tensospray-adhesive-spray

    Tensospray® provides a thin protective film over the surface of the skin to prepare it for taping. 

    Product Features

    • Hypo-allergenic spray adhesive
    • Tinted to identify treated areas 
    • Provides extra adhesion for additional security
    • 200ml 


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