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  • supa-underwrap

    Protective foam dressing applied to the skin prior to application of adhesive strapping.

    Supa-Under Wrap

  • mueller-zinc-oxide-tape

    Mueller M Tape® Zinc Oxide is 100% cotton backcloth, zinc oxide trainers tape.  

    Product Features 

    • White, bleached M Tape® features high tensile strength with excellent tackiness and conformability
    • Easy handling, easy unwind to the core

    Mueller Zinc Oxide Tape

  • strappal-zinc-oxide-tape

    Constructed from Viscose fabric combined with a hypoallergenic zinc oxide adhesive, Strappal® offers extra strong support and efficient stabilisation of joint structures. The hypoallergenic adhesive helps to minimise the risk of allergic reaction.

    Product Features

    • Hand-tearable for quick and easy application
    • Strong backing material provides rigid support 
    • Latex free formula minimising the risk of allergic reaction 
    • Rigid joint immobilisation 
    • Provides extra strong support for sports injuries (sprains and strains) 
    • Prophylaxis of sport injuries • Limitation of movement

    Strappal Zinc Oxide Tape

  • Leukoplast Zinc Oxide 1.25cm x 9.2m Flesh

    Leukoplast Zinc Oxide, 1.25cm x 9.2m, is a high stretch flesh coloured elastic tape. Its flexible quality allows it to easily conform to the body. The strong adhesion allows for long lasting wear and the tape is air permeable and water repllent making it comfortable and easy to use.

    Leukoplast Zinc Oxide 1.25cm x 9.2m Flesh

  • physio-needs-zinc-oxide-sports-tape

    Waterproof, Rigid, Zinc Oxide tape

    Physio Needs Waterproof is a white tape featuring a zinc oxide adhesive, allowing it to adhere strongly and reliably even under heavy strain. It features high tensile strength and is suitable for patients with normal skin.
    Physio Needs Waterproof is ideal for firm fixation in wet condition. It repels dirt as well as water, keeping the dressing hygienically clean after prolonged use.

    Features & Benefits:

    • High initial and permanent adhesion
    • Adheres strongly and reliably even under heavy strain
    • High tensile strength
    • Waterproof
    • Adheres reliably in wet condition

    Available in 3 sizes:

    • 2.5cm (1")
    • 3.8cm (1.5")
    • 5cm (2")

    Physio Needs Waterproof Zinc Oxide Tape

  • Atlas Rigid Strapping Tape 5cm

    Atlas rigid strapping tape is the highest grade tape available. Combines excellent adhesion and maximum tensile strength to provide ultimate support to joints under stress.

    High tensile strength and superior adhesive qualities make this highest quality tape ideal for patella femoral and all associated strapping techniques.

    5cm roll, length 13.7m

    Available in single rolls or as a tube of 6.

    Atlas Rigid Strapping Tape 5cm

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