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  • theraband-exercise-station

    The Thera-Band® Exercise Station is a truly unique rehabilitation exercise system specifically designed for physiotherapy departments, clinics and health centres, providing versatility, multi-functionality, and space efficiency

    Therapeutic exercise is a standard prescription for those who have suffered from injury or had surgery. It also can help deter the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis, and can help alleviate pain for those suffering from arthritis or low back pain.

    The Thera-Band® Exercise Station is designed to integrate the use of progressive elastic resistance for strength training with exercise balls, fitness steps, and stability trainers. The station has a large centre cavity to fit Thera-Band® exercise balls and balance products.

    Product Features

    • Six pin connectors for resistive tubing attachments
    • Durable, high-impact polyethylene construction holds up to repeat use
    • Granite colour blends in with most clinics and fitness facilities
    • 10 rubber feet on the bottom keep it from slipping on hard surfaces

    The exercise station is light enough to carry and is stackable to conserve space.The Exercise Station incorporates the Thera-Band® trademarked System of Progressive Exercise with the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines for a well-rounded activity programme - cardio, strength, flexibility and balance activities. Whether rehab or general fitness is the goal, the Exercise Station can help you get there.

    With the exercise station you can combine an exercise ball programme with strengthening exercise. Or use Thera-Band® Stability Trainers and incorporate a traditional cardio step programme. You can achieve cardio, strength, flexibility and balance training all with one system.


    2 x Thera-Band® 30cm, 45cm and 60cm Tubing in Red, Green and Blue;

    Exercise bar,

    2 x Thera-Band® handles

    2 x Thera-Band® assist attachment devices,

    2 x stabiliser pads

    1 x 65cm (blue) exercise ball.

    Thera-Band® Exercise Station

  • theraband-wall-station

    The Thera-Band® Wall Station is the first compact, total body rehabilitation system designed for in-clinic strength training.

    Features the familiar colours and resistance levels of Thera-Band® resistance tubing. 

    Contents & Features

    This compact exercise station is ideal for home or clinic use. 

    Thera-Band® Wall Station

  • theraband-rehab-wellness-station

    The Thera-Band® Rehab & Wellness Station is enables easy transitions between clinic visits and home exercise programs.

    As patients undergo in-clinic rehabilitation, they often move to multiple stations and pieces of equipment to complete the circuit. As they progress from range of motion to strength to balance and finally function, the same is also true. This traditional approach can be overwhelming, requiring a lot of square footage and often placing patients on intimidating machines.

    The Thera-Band® Rehab & Wellness Station - a simple, single hub. Patients can perform their entire rehab program in one small space, on a station that offers range of motion, balance, strength and functional efficacy. 

    The station embodies the Thera-Band® System of Progressive Exercise concept and is designed to integrate the use of progressive elastic resistance for strength training with Thera-Band® Exercise Balls and Stability Trainers. This integrated approach facilitates exercises that don't feel like exercises. Instead, patients find them interesting and fun. Tubing attachment points on multiple planes allow for creative exercises that effectively isolate muscles.


    • Multi-dimensional wall mount system that provides three planes of movement with slide tracks, position indicators and one-hand lock down to enable easy patient set up, charting and documentation
    • Portable base system with six connection points
    • Trusted Thera-Band® Resistance Tubing in four progressive levels and three lengths
    • Three Thera-Band® Pro Series SCP Exercise Balls (Yellow, Green, Red)
    • Two sets of Thera-Band® Stability Trainers (Green, Blue)
    • A complete accessory kit, including Waist Belt, Assist Straps (2), Head Strap, Exercise Bar, Extremity Straps (2), Exercise Handles (2) and an Accessory rack
    • Exercise CD with ready-to-use printouts and directions for at-home exercise programs
    • Four full-colour exercise wall posters
    • Educational video with system introduction and exercise illustration

    Thera-Band® Rehab & Wellness Station

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