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Seirin B Acupuncture needles, Box/100

Seirin B type needles are high quality acupuncture needles. The precisely manufactured tip has an extremely thin coating making insertion easy for the therapist and practically painless for the patient.

These acupuncture needles are available in 5 different gauges and lengths to suit all body sizes and areas. The handles are colour coded to ensure ease of use.

Seirin B Type needles are electrolyte-cleaned, sterilized with EO gas and useable for at least 3 years, guaranteed.

Seirin B type needles are most commonly used for acupuncture.

Box of 100 needles supplied.

Available Sizes:

0.16 x 15mm

0.25 x 40mm

0.30 x 30mm

0.30 x 50mm

0.35 x 50mm
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