Pucci Air Short Opponens Inflatable Hand Orthosis


Pucci® Air-Short is an orthosis that can provide light stretch in combination with an effective pressure protection for the finger tips as well as the palm of the hand.

Patients with severe finger contractures have usually problem with pressure in the vola or on the finger tips in combination with poor volar hygiene. Pucci® Air-Short is an effective orthosis that’s possible to fit even in a very contract hand. In special cases it’s possible to remove the cover and use the air bladder separately to open up the hand and to provide pressure absorption and finger extension.

The cover is made of a material with higher pressure absorption and good ventilation. The straps are wider for better pressure absorption and lined with micro fibers for an enhanced comfort. The cover can be machine washed in 40 degrees C. A laundry bag is enclosed for protection.

Universal size for adults. Specify left or right when ordering. 

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