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Obstetric TENS for labour (pregnancy TENS)

The TPN 400D Obstetric TENS is a battery operated, portable machine that sends electrical impulses to the body via electrodes - placed on the skin - to reach the nerves causing pain. This TENS is specifically designed for labour and is often refferred to as the 'pregnancy TENS machine'.

Pain relief is provided by blocking pain signals to the brain via the spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and stimulating the production of endorphins, the body’s own painkillers.

The device is supplied with two controllable output channels, each independent of each other which can be connected to an electrode pair. The intensity, duration, number per second and modulation may be altered with the controls/switches. The hand held boost control allows for extra pain relief when switched from normal to burst mode to continuous mode with a gradual 3 second 10% lift in power. Dial controls are very easy to use and the slide cover prevents accidental changes in the setting.

Additional Product Info

Features & Benefits of the Obstetric TENS 

• Variable pulse amplitude 0-80mA
• Variable pulse rate 1-150Hz
• Variable pulse width 30us-260us
• Variable burst rate 0.5-5Hz
• 1 year warranty

• 1 x Soft Carry Case 
• 2 x 9V Batteries
• 2 x Patient Leads
• 1 x Pack of Self-Adhesive Electrodes
• Instruction Manual

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