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Large EconoPads by PainPod®
Large EconoPads by PainPod are ideal for targeting large muscle groups or areas of pain. The gelled pads are suitable for use with all PainPod medical devices. The Large EconoPads are for use on large muscle groups but can be used anywhere on the body depending on your needs.

Dimensions: 9.3cm x 4.6cm
Order includes:
• 1 Pair of Large Pads
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Pads Estimated Usage Guide
Strictly a guide only. See FAQ’s here for full details.
Pad Range Approximate Use Per Pair
PainPod Premium Pads 25-50 applications or 30-60hrs
EconoPads by PainPod 30-60 applications or 40-60hrs

PainPod EconoPads are designed to be used with PainPod Multi-Mode devices and are not suitable for use with the PainPod Mi.

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