Press 4 Compression Therapy System


Press 4, Compression Therapy System ideal for home use.

Press 4 Compression Therapy System comes complete with an easy to
use control unit and size adjustable, 4 chamber pressure sleeves for
the legs and arms, ideal treatment for “heavy – tired” legs. Research
and clinical trials have shown an improvement in restless leg syndrome
after compression therapy.
Physiological benefits of compression therapy:
• Increased blood flow – better whole body circulation
• Improved lymphatic system – better removal of toxins
and biological waste products, e.g. lactic acid
• Reduces Restless Leg Syndrome.
• Decreases oedema.
• Intermittent claudication
• Ischemia
• Arteriopathic wounds
• Reduces water retention
• Relaxing, reduces “heavy – tired” legs
• Strengthens weak tissue
• Sequential compression mode, duration time adjustable
0 to 30 minutes and a fixed decompression time
• Pressure adjustable from 20mm of mercury (0.38psi) to
235mm of mercury (4.54psi).
Special introductory offer with FREE waist belt
Please seek medical advice before commencing
compression therapy.

Guarantee on Control unit – 12 month.
Guarantee on compression sleeves and hoses – 3 month.

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