Pilates Toning Ball PAIR 900g


This pair of Pilates Toning balls are the perfect addition to your Pilates mat program and can be easily integrated into many of the Pialtes exercises to work the arms, shoulders and upper body. These toning balls are available in 2 different weights.

Available in two weights 450g and 900g.

• Size: Ø9cm.

• Colour: blue.

• Sold as pair 900g

Pilates Toning balls…..increase the range exercises

  • Pilates exercises can be easily adapted to use light weight toning balls
  • increase and control
    • core muscles
    • strength
    • stamina
    • flexibility
  • used in shoulder rehabilitation
    • to retrain and stabilize muscle groups
    • in shoulders and upper torso
  • soft
  • non bounce
  • sold in pairs
  • inert filling


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