Curved Transfer Board


Accommodates a Variety of Patient Transfers
The Days Curved Transfer Board enables a variety of positioning options to assist with functional transfers, helping individuals with limited strength and mobility. The transfer board is designed to aid seated transfers of individuals between two surfaces such as the bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to chair, car, or toilet. The curved transfer board helps reduce the risk of injury and strain to the caregiver assisting with transfers.

Increases Transfer Safety & Stability
The arc shape not only enables a variety of positioning options, but also allows for the natural sweeping pattern of an assisted transfer. Anti-slip pads located on the underside of the Days Curved Transfer Board provide maximum grip to surfaces ensuring safe movement. The smooth moulded surface also enables a smooth transfer between two surfaces.

Made from Reinforced, Solid Plastic Material
Made from solid, reinforced plastic material that resists chipping, shattering, and splintering. Sized to fit patient’s needs, the board supports a maximum user weight of 152 kg (24 st). The lightweight and portable trasnfer board supports patients with limited strength and mobility, ideal for use at home or on-the-go.

The arc shape allows for a natural sweeping pattern of an assisted transfer whilst enabling a variety of positioning options
The non-slip pads on the underside of the transfer board are designed to stabilise the board against surfaces during transfers
Board is ideal for car, bed, chair and toilet transfers, facilitating independence with safety
Reinforced plastic construction resists chipping, shattering, and splintering and can easily be wiped clean to control the spread of infections
Dimensions of the curved transfer board are 710mm (27 ½”) x 370mm (14 ½”) supporting user weight up to 152 kg (24 st)

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