The Iliotibial Band, more commonly known as the I.T. band, is a thick tendon that runs from the hip to the knee.

What causes pain in the I.T. Band?

When the It band is tight the small fluid filled sacs at the hip and knee joints, called bursas, become swollen due to tension being placed on these joints. This is usually due to exercise and over exertion of this part of the body. The most common causes include:

  1. – Over exertion – using the same muscle over and over will cause a strain or damage to the muscle if it not given enough recovery time. The easiest way to avoid overuse is to avoid repetition with your exercise routine.
  2. – Tight muscles – Having tight muscles is the easiest way to strain or pull a muscles. This is why it is so important to stretch before any exercise.
  3. – Weak hips muscles – Weak hips can be a major contributor to I.T. Band syndrome. It is important to keep these muscles strong by exercising them.
  4. – Wrong shoes – Wearing the wrong shoes while exercising can cause a lot of damage. It is important to make sure your shoes are not worn out or the wrong size. Another issue can be caused by fallen or high arches. Investing in some orthotics can help alleviate this problem.

What are the symptoms of I.T.B.S.?

Symptoms can be recognised by a pain in the area between the hip and knee. This pain is usually exasperated by exercise.

How is pain in I.T.B.S. treated?

Pain in the I.T. Band can be alleviated by
  • Using a foam roller – Foam rolling is the most effective way to loosen the tendon and exercise the hips.
  • Strengthening lower body muscles – Weak glutes and quads can contribute to pain in the I.T. Band.
  • Rest – Make sure to vary your exercise routine to avoid over exertion.