Ante and Post Natal Exercise Charts (pregnancy exercises)


Two laminated wall charts designed to complement each other for ante and post natal exerciseGreat attention to detail is evident in the illustrations of the exercises and the advice given to mothers. The Postnatal exercise and advice chart concentrates on giving advice on how to regain and improve your strength and stamina as well as regaining a healthy body shape with good muscle tone. The key to this is to work the Core Muscles and do Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Tilting exercises.

A healthy back relies on the mother observing simple but essential body postions when lifting the baby, carrying the baby, walking with the push chair, etc. Advice is shown on the postnatal chart about these and other important safe exercises. The Post and Antenatal charts complement each other and are a valuable reminder to mothers and mothers-to-be how important it is to look after themselves during their pregnancy and after.

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