Gymnic FitBall Exercise Balls – Various Sizes


FitBall Exercise Ball

The FitBall® is an exercise ball that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Exercise balls are a great way to improve endurance, posture, balance and mobility. FitBall’s are often referred to as pregnancy balls as they can be used to perform specific exercises to prepare the body for birth.


Improves endurance, strength and mobility.
Helps with posture, balance, body awareness and coordination.
Ideal for home use.
Can be used for group or individual exercise.
Promotes functional movement for everyday life.


Safe and strong – Supports 600lbs.
Manufactured to CE standards.
Burst Resistant Quality (BRQ) – soft, non-slip material which deflates slowly when punctured to prevent injury. Sized according to height.
The following sizes are available in the FitBall:
55cm diameter: 155cm to 166cm tall
65cm diameter: 166 to 178cm tall
75cm diameter: 178 – 2m tall

Pump sold separately see code 9904


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