Owen Mumford Neuropen


The Owen Mumford Neuropen is used for testing for peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients, the Neuropen is a perfect, dual purpose pocket-sized device designed to provide a safe and reliable test.

Product features

  • Neuropen is an effective aid to the screening of peripheral neuropathy
  • Calibrated Neurotip test assesses reduced sensation to sharpness/pain in small nerve fibres
  • Calibrated monofilament test assesses protective touch/pressure sensation in large nerve fibres
  • Each Neuropen comes complete with 1 x 10g Monofilament, 1 Neurotip and comprehensive user instructions.

10g Monofilaments for use with Neuropen


Neurotips are sterile, single-use neurological examination pins which avoid the risk of cross-infection and skin puncture.When used in conjunction with the Owen Mumford Neuropen. a calibrated force of 40g may be safely exerted onto the skin, to identify patients with decreased sensation to sharpness and pain in small nerve fibres.

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