Curble Chair Lumbar Support for Posture Correction


Curble Chair is designed for office workers and students who spend most of the time sitting on a chair to keep a good posture even on a couch or a bed and have a healthy spine line.

  • The double-layered, water-resistant fabric provides comfort and maintains sanitation. It is very hygienic and feels soft. The double-layered cushion sticks firmly to the waist.
  • Air hallway system and fabric pattern make body heat and sweat circulate smoothly to stay cool for a long time. Brings hips together to disperse the pressure concentrated on the waist to allow users to sit comfortably for longer.
  • Sophisticated supporter made of highly elastic material pushes the L-spine naturally by the leverage effect to make a correct posture, the bottom surface is raised up by 14 degrees, making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. The support’s leverage effect pushes the T-spine naturally to make a correct posture.
  • Sitting in a correct posture reduces the pressure on the spine and joints by up to 30%, your coccyx is lifted naturally to disperse the pressure on the spine and core muscles on your body.

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