SRX®Calf Support


This calf support is made from 1,5 mm SRX® material with Neptune™ lining on the inside. The material has a high stretch with controlled compression providing good support to the calf muscle. The curved anatomical shape over the calf makes it possible to accommodate muscles that increase in volume during activity. The compression in the support is different depending on the size selected. A size smaller will provide higher compression. The lower part of the support has three stop-seams that makes it possible to trim the length of the
support if needed. The calf support can be used for pain or muscle strains, local inflammations, shin-splints, and Achilles’ problems.

The circumference measurement is taken around the widest part of the calf. Note that the shape of the calf muscle can influence the individual fit of the support. The length of the support can be trimmed over the Achilles if it is too long. Always cut below the stop-seam.


Muscle Strains, Local Inflammations, Shin-Splints, Achilles Problems.


Sizes Circumference measurement, calf in cm

X-Small 33-34
Small 34-37
Medium 37-40
Large 40-42
X-Large 41-43
XX-Large 43-46
Left/Right Universal

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