Sterogrip Stockinette (Various Sizes Available)


Sterogrip Elasticated Support Bandage has been designed to provide support following soft tissue injuries, dislocation and sprains. Its knitted fabric construction with interwoven elastomer ensures excellent support, enabling it to be used in all cases where radial support is required.

Sterogrip is stockinette is a compression bandage that can be cut to length for the following uses: 

  • Ideal for treatment of sports injuries, dislocations and sprains.
  • Provides even support and pressure for weakened muscles and joints
  • Aids rehabilitation after removal of Plaster of Paris casts
  • Reduces Oedema, reduces swelling and assists venous circulation
  • Recommended for support of amputation stumps
  • Remains in place without tying or tapes

Sterogrip is available in a range of sizes to suit all parts of the body, from small limbs to trunks.

Available Sizes

  • A – 4.5cm – infant feet / arm
  • B – 6.25cm – small hand / arm
  • C – 6.75cm – medium arm / small arm
  • D – 7.5cm – large arm / medium ankle / small knee
  • E – 8.75cm – large ankle / medium knee / small thigh 
  • F – 10cm – large knee / medium thigh 
  • G – 12cm – large thigh 
  • L – 30cm – large trunk 

Please select your preferred option from the drop-down menu. 

Sterogrip can be doubled over for increased compression. 


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