Cambion Posted Heel Cushion


LIFESTYLE Footcare products use state-of-the-art gel polymer technology to help bring comfort and relief from foot pain, joint pain and lower back pain conditions.

Used by professionals in orthopaedics, podiatry, physiotherapy, chiropody, sports and athletic training, Polar polymer gel shoe inserts, heel cushions and modular orthotics can help treat a variety of soft tissue problems, including heel pain, low back pain caused by heel strike shock, metatarsalgia, bruised heels, tendonitis and leg-length discrepancy. LIFESTYLE Footcare products can also be used to protect joints against injury-causing shock.

Posted Heel Cushions help correct pronation using a 4-degree posting. Soft visco-elastic gel and a micro-porous foam cover provide a high level of cushioning designed to reduce heel strike impact and deliver maximum comfort.

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