Sit Special 2 in 1, coccyx sitting wedge by Sissel


SISSELĀ® Sit Special 2 in 1, Sitting wedge, memory foam and polyurethane foam combination to produce an anatomically designed multi functional coccyx sitting wedge……… relieves pressure on spinal column and inter vertebral discs especially suited for use after injuries and operations unique bridge (saddle) and two anatomical depressions improve the sitting position and guarantee the correct position for the coccyx can be used with or without the memory foam visco elastic pad for pressure relief on the sacrum and coccyx polyurethane foam for perfect pressure distribution, memory foam visco elastic coccyx pad non slip base complete with machine washable velour cover available in blue or grey size: 43cm x 40cm x 1/9cm (height: front/back). made in Sweden

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Weight 2.0000 kg

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