TheraTogs Full Body System


TheraTogs Full Body System is the most comprehensive of our products for children and adults with complex neuromotor disorders. It is designed to provide carryover and deliver massed practice of the rehabilitation activities aimed at obtaining gains in postural alignment, core stability, hip stability, and functioning lower limb alignment that are made during therapy sessions.

The Full Body System provides carryover to activities which address numerous indications, including but not limited to:

  • Young, ambulatory children with functional alignment and mobility issues incident to cerebral palsy and other CNS dysfunctions
  • Adults with stroke, traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, and other adult-onset CNS dysfunctions

The Full Body System wraps the torso and extremities in a ‘strapping field’ that improves postural alignment and stability. This system addresses the greatest variety of functional alignment and movement issues, as well as related issues in the extremities proximal to the wrists and ankles.

Core components of the system are a TankTop and a Hipster which when used together provide a solid base of trunk stability and postural alignment. The included limb cuffs and strapping can then be added to achieve shoulder stability or subluxation and hip stability, internal/external leg rotation, and/or knee extension.


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"Infant: Boys/girls 15-25 lbs", "Preschool: Boys/girls 25-45 lbs", "Paediatric: Boys/girls 45-65 lbs", "Small Adult M/F 65-110 lbs", "Medium Adult Female: 110-170 lbs", "Large Adult Female: 170-200 lbs", "Medium Adult Male: 110-170 lbs", "Large Adult Male: 170-190 lbs", "X-Large Adult Male: 190-240 lbs"

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