Westminster Parallel Bars Single

Westminster Bars – Single Rail

This model has a single handrail on each side at a fixed height of 900mm and is available in 3 standard lengths for permanent floor fixing or they can be provided mounted onto a wooden base construction (optional) with non slip flooring for environments where floor fixing is either not suitable or not preferred.

  • Maximum user weight 200kg (31st.)
  • Handrail diameter 45mm
  • Handrail height 900mm
  • Strong and rigid
  • Slip resistant “non sparkle” floor surface or Anti-static carpet
  • Inclined at both ends


Product Numbers Length 1.8m Length 3.3m Length 4.8m Westminster Bars E010E E010F E010G Optional Carpet Base E010E / CB E010F / CB E010G / CB Optional Vinyl Base E010E / VB E010F / VB E010G /VB


Product Number Length Width Height
Westminster Bars E010E 1830mm 1040mm 900mm
E010F 3355mm 1040mm 900mm
E010G 4880mm 1040mm 900mm
Base E010E/CB
2375mm 1175mm 75mm
3885mm 1175mm 75mm
5420mm 1175mm 75mm



Additional information

Weight 2.0000 kg

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