SISSEL® SIFIT® Plus The SISSEL® SITFIT plus is an air filled disc used to help promote correct sitting posture. It helps reeducate core muscles and rehabilitate the back. These multipurpose cushions are used for a range of conditions including Dyspraxia, MS and ADHD. They are also commonly used for exercise/fitness and Pilates classes. The SISSEL® SITFIT® plus is durable enough to be stood on and can used as a wobble cushion to increase proprioception and core stability. The SISSEL® SITFIT® Plus has a squared of edge on one side giving more thigh support to accommodate longer periods of sitting. The reverse side of the cushion has a round edge for more dynamic sitting or exercise.  Features Combination sitting wedge and air filled sitting pad. Ergonomic shape provides an excellent combination of active sitting and comfort. Active and dynamic sitting helps correct posture and works back muscles without exercise. Also suitable for exercising the pelvic floor. Latex-free Diameter 37cm, universal size for teens and adults.

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